2020 Year In Review: Life On A Screen

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There is something to be said for this level of quarantine and isolation. I am an introvert my nature, and I love my quiet time. I love being able to dictate my day, and how I move around in the world! That that said, I didn’t know 2020 would be a cross between The Jetsons and Black Mirror! This year have seen what I thought I could do on a computer, morph into what needs to be done in the matter of 90 days!

I have told you all that I haven’t hugged my mother in nine months. I have kept masks in my purse, car, and wear one for 12 hours at work! But with COVID-19 as the backdrop, on top of being an essential worker, being confined to a house, with kids, and screens seems indeed like something out of a Black Mirror episode!

I think one of the things about this ‘on-line life that we have had to become accustomed to is now it is necessary! As a woman of a certain age that grew up with video games on Channel 3, blew into Nintendo games, had the first flip phones, and started being left alone by my working parents by age 11–I am built for this! Yet, this is not the set of skills that I wanted to develop or that I wanted my kids to develop! There is an element to the year of 2020 that screams we are all on our own! We are all latchkey kids in 2020! And some of us are not coping well.

Most of my freelancing is done over Zoom, which has become the bane of everyone’s existence. I have learned the luxury of getting groceries delivered and remembering everything my grandmother told me about keeping a house clean. I have answered emails in the middle of the night on breaks from patient care. I have learned that social media is a life line I hadn’t truly appreciated until right now. But yet, this has become–normal.

The lack of contact. The lack of interaction. The cancelled plans. The scratch marks through my planner. It all seems normal. Everything in 2020 is dictated by reminders–on screen. Schedules–on screen. Planning–on screen! I mean, even the entertainment is still on screen!

Shameless plug: I have been able to storm through my Audible library through–books still matter in the pandemic.

Technology is a blessing, yes. Being cloistered like this isn’t fun, but what can you do? As of this posting over 250,000 people have died from COVID-19. Masks are still necessary and washing your hands is still important. And clearly so is access to streaming services! Like it or not, screens are helping us cope.

I mean, there is always Zoom hangouts–and NETFLIX.

Note: For those of our Torches whom are dealing with depression or anxiety during this time of quarantine, remember that we are still here for you. Contact us through IG (@theidealfirestarterofficial) or Twitter (@firestarter_the). Support is needed and necessary–you are not alone.

[image from Netflix]

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