Gobble, gobble! Get your plates, let’s get it!

#BlackFridayShopping #Amazon #WhereIsPrime #WhatIsTheReason #WhatDoYouNeedNow #ProfessionalShopping #GetTheThings #WeNeedAllTheThings #NoNoWeDont

This morning I woke up to emails, texts and alerts from my favorite websites about all the amazing things which I could buy today! The one thing is this: I am a girl and I love shopping. I have found more shoes and bags and hats in this pandemic that I ever have before! I have revamped my style four times, and found out that I am stunning in short and long hair. With that said, Black Friday shopping is dangerous for a woman in transition! Especially, when she (and she is me) loves the ability to change!

With all my happy shopping, I have also started becoming more cognizant of budgeting, saving, and valuing what I make–versus what I need to make. There is never going to be ‘enough’ money. That figure doesn’t exist! Yet, there is balance in all things. I may not be able to get all the pretty things I want, but I am entitled to someone of them–right after bills are paid.

#VirtualHolidays #Thanksgiving #Holidays #GetOnZoom #FacetimeIsAThing #IsThePhoneSmarterThanUs #ThereAreTooManyCodes #ThereAreTooManyApps #ItsTheIndoorTime

I did my first Virtual Holiday with my best friend this year, after spending the last four with her and her family. That was hard, and yet–it was necessary. My day job is an essential worker, and it means that I am in close contact with people whom have or potentially have COVID-19. Since my best friend is also in healthcare, we have adapted as best we can…considering. But it is more important for her to be healthy, for me to be healthy for our families to be healthy than us to pig out and pass out in front of their television!

For Thanksgiving to be done over a camera? That was a cold reality, Torches. This is where we are. I am tired of quarantine, too! But my health is more important. And so is yours, my Torches. Be careful, be wise and wash your hands. This is not changing anytime soon–get a dedicated ZOOM, because Christmas is coming. So on top of decorating, I have to make sure there is no dead spot in my house!

Adulting is ridiculous.

#TheGetBack #LookingForward #RealityIsHere #HereWeAre #TheNewYearIsComing

I am not the only person thinking that this year has been something out of the organization–there is a power to this year though! It has forced us to look hard at who we are as individuals and how we relate to the world around us! That is hard, Torches! The people that we wanted around us, to help us through it, to do it as we would–holding someone’s hand, we don’t have!

This is where we are–surviving a biological, global pandemic and the mini-pandemics of racism, sexism, classism and every other form of slow death–together and apart. Support and love look different now, feel different now. And yet, that isn’t a bad thing. Torches are supposed to guide and provide light.

As I always tell you, wherever you are, you are a Torch. This is never so true than it is now. Be a Torch–the world needs more of them.

This week is a little softer because we are headed to the end of the year, and it is okay to take a deep breath, Torches! I promise you that it is! See y’all next week!

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