2020 Year In Review: From ‘Lovecraft Country’ To ‘Insecure’–WE DID THAT!

Issa Rae says the 'Insecure' season finale will answer a lot of questions |  FOX 2

At as if of this posting both INSECURE and LOVECRAFT COUNTRY have had their season’s end. As of this posting INSECURE is going into it’s fourth season, and LOVECRAFT COUNTRY into its second season.

I cannot say enough how amazing this is, how incredible this is, and how needed this is in a world by which desires to erase, eradicate or mimic us!

With the honesty and humor of Issa Rae, we see more of the Black experience, the dynamic nature of the friendships of Black women (we see you, Molly!) and how we need to remember that we as a people are not a monolith, but always a spectrum! Again, Black writers matter.

With Black folk being a spectrum, have you seen LOVECRAFT COUNTRY?! Have you seen how excellent the writing is? How incredible the story is?! How lit Jurnee Smollett is?! This television show (which will make the biggest nerd look things up!) is a GAME CHANGER!

There will ever be this demarcation in television:

BEFORE Lovecraft Country. AFTER Lovecraft Country. Do not debate me on this.

Lovecraft Country': The Book Behind HBO's New Horror Series
Y’all see Atticus and Leti?!

But OMIGOODNESS, OMIGOODNESS! I cannot look at Black history, American history, and all the walking around folklore that I (personally) know the same way again. I mean the BOOK, had me shook–so to see this show?! To know that a Black woman did this? Is at the head of this? And Jordan Peele has his hand in this?!

If you need any other proof that Black people are a force of nature at Category 4 force? This is it!

Support Black writers, artists and actors–they need it more than you know.

Note: The book Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff was reviewed in September 2020. Click here for my thoughts about how dope it is!

[Image 1: fox2now.com Image 2: newsweek.com]

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