This year is like 5 years long, and I still have to cook for Thanksgiving! From these layaway recounts from the Orange Thanos Crime Syndicate, people in the same crime syndicate confusing the state abbreviations for Michigan (MI) and Minnesota (MN), Supernatural ending (DEAN! OMIGOODNESS, BAE IS GONE!), President Obama’s new book is out (709 pages!)  AND our King has a street named after him the Spider-Man:  Miles Morales game:  BOSEMAN WAY. Sigh. Long live the King!

Let’s get it!

#MeganTheeStallion #GoodNews #Music #TeamMeg #SuperstarTakeover #ToreyWho #NotHere

I pre-ordered Good News by Megan Thee Stallion last week. I always feel my complete 39 years when I listen to her, but maybe that is the best thing. When I hear her, I think of what Lil Kim could have been, still is, and may need to be again. I listen to Meg more than I will admit here–but just know? I sing her word for word and with all the bravado my Black Girl Magic will muster! While listening to her on the way in to my day job, all I could do was shout “Meg, Meg, Meg! Get ’em Meg!” When I tell you I gas her up? When I tell you I am proud of her?! When I tell you she makes me want to be a bolder woman? Man! A Black girl feeling herself, without apology and encouraging other women to do the same? That’s always good news. Eff em up, Meg!

#Recounts #Election2020 #IsItOverYet #Almost #Push #Pray #PresidentElectBiden #VicePresidentElectHarris #AintNoStoppingUsNow

The rolling dumpster fire of this Orange Mother—- not conceding is getting old! It is making him look more and more like the tragic Shakespearean character the actor Bryan Cranston said he is! It is one thing to lose, it is another to be delusional–and being assisted in that delusion! This is getting to the point where January 20, 2021 might be the most ratchet episode of COPS I have ever, ever seen. Not to mention, with all he knows? How is he not a national security risk?!

This is the most intense game of Wait-And-See I have ever witnessed…

#Supernatural #ItsOver #TheBoys #DeanGirl #ArmyForCas #SamGirls #BabyTheMetallicar #ChevyImapalasAreEverything

Let me tell you something. I fell in love with Dean Winchester the moment that he told Sam, “Dad went on a hunting trip. He hasn’t been home in a couple of days.” The swag, the shoulders, and the green eyes kidnapped me! I was his from then on!

Now, fifteen seasons, two marriages, a blog, books and babies–he’s gone. My everbae is GONE! I wept when I saw the series finale! I WEPT! It was fitting on how they sent my guy off–and how he and Sam reunited. All I wanted for his character was to be happy–and love him like Cassie did (queue Route 666)! With that said, my daughters are Dean girls. As they should be…

Remember, we were built for this. See y’all next week.

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