2020 Year In Review: Who Run The World? Black Girls

The personification of Black women Black Womaning in 2020.

In celebrating the defeat of the Empire and Orange Thanos, I cannot help but remember the inherit dopeness that Black women have and have always had!

91% of Black women voted in the Election of 2020.

A Black woman named Stacey Abrams through her voting initiative Fair Fight, got almost a million people registered to vote in the state of Georgia. And from that turn out? THEY FLIPPED THE STATE! A Black woman helped to flip the RUBY RED STATE OF GEORGIA!

During the tyranny of Orange Thanos, we as Black women have started businesses. Finished degrees! We have climbed upward in the halls of power–there is now even a Black woman as the Vice President-elect! There is a power in us, within us, that is able to shake the entire world, Torches!

With that in mind, as the remaining days of this year tick away, I want you to remember just how powerful you are! I want you to remember how amazing you are! I want you to remember the quote from Dr. Maya Angelou:

“I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand.”

So if ten-thousand Black women showed up for the Election of 2020, imagine how many we stand as.

We have always been magic…and a force of nature! Being Black is dope, and not everyone can be it.

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