2020 Year In Review: Rest… For Now.

Joe Biden speech: President-elect calls for 'time to heal' in address

I feel like we had preemptively prepared for the worst, but knew somewhere deep down, that the rest of the world would show out in favor of doing the right thing, and baaabbyyy, I’m so happy!
The feeling in my stomach was right for once!

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris…it is official!

We as the Black community specifically have endured hell for the past four years, and 2020 being one of the worst of them all! Literally, every year of this last administration, we have seen wrongful murders of citizens; brutalizing by the police force; white supremacists committing crimes that with no justice.

It’s been tiring, it’s been hard.

Now its not to say it’s completely over, but we finally have a chance to let out a sigh of relief that the one person that was allowing this is finally, finally gonna be out of power!

You really couldn’t ask for anything better after all that’s happened. Not to mention another historic moment for Black women: The first EVER (Black) female Vice President! No matter if we completely agree with Kamala or Joe as political figures you can not ignore, and rejoice in the history that those two have created this past election.

I say all this to say, rest in the joy for now, because we all deserve it after the hell we endured for years on end. Rest quietly or out loud if you feel better celebrating after all the misfortune!

But know… we’ve got a whole lot of work ahead of us.


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