FIRESTARTER HOTSHEET: For Our VP, Senator Kamala Harris

What are we not about to do is say that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), AKA Soror and HBCU graduate is not Black.


Black people are not a monolith. Black people are not just native to America, neither are they descendants just of enslaved people! I cannot believe in 2020 that we still have to have these conversations! I cannot believe there are still people trying to come for her because she ‘isn’t Black?” It is to these people I ask you this:

“How do you define being Black?”

“What does it mean to be Black?”

“Why does your definition of Black revolve around/defined by slavery?”

With that said, let me say this. The Ideal Firestarter is Black woman run, founded and will always support and lift up Black women. Whether they are in Nigeria, Australia, Canada, England, Harlem or Jamaica! What I will not tolerate is one will disparage, assail or assault Black women or their accomplisments!

It took this nation 200 years to have a Black man president, and eight years after that to have a Black woman as a Vice President!

If we can just be honest, most of these people are pressed because a Black woman is in the most powerful position that could ever be imaged by racist White folk! These 55% of White women that voted for Orange Thanos are horrified that a Black woman got to this spot by ambition, savvy and hard-work (Get over it, Karen!).

There is no ‘easy’ way for a Black woman to be successful in this nation–no matter how bright she is. There is always heart behind the hustle! There are tears behind every triumph! There are people that pray her through, support and and whom urge her not to quit. What yall are not about to do is make it seem as though she just ‘appeared’ and President-elect Joe Biden couldn’t find anyone else! No, not at all.

Senator Kamala Harris is JUST who we need right now! There are a generation of Black girls whom need to see someone that looks like them, in a place were no one thought or would ever think Black women could get to! Black girls need to see themselves represented in all their power, all their brilliance, without believing they have to cower or shrink.

As a Black woman, I am proud. As the mother of Black children, I am proud. As the daughter of Black parents–I am overjoyed! I have lived long enough to see a Black man as President of the United States of America…and a Black woman become its Vice President.

Joy is not even the word.

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