2020 Year In Review: Rollercoaster Ride

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Cedar Point announces Steel Vengeance roller coaster closed for the day
It is actual footage of all of us riding out the rest of 2020…

It’s so typical to say that life is like a roller coaster ride. Of course, it is! There’s been highs and lows for years on top of years, but 2020 was the epitome of a roller coaster. 

When you’re first in line waiting to get on was New Year’s Eve. We were so excited ready to see what the year had to offer us, the excitement that would fill the pits of our stomachs and rumble all through our bodies like tidal waves was what we waited on all the way until 11:59 PM. There were so many expectations and so many goals set that I just knew it would be inevitable that this year like all the others would be “my year”. 

When you finally make it to getting seated, you choose the back because you’re a little too scared to sit in the front right now, and you rather have time to see what lies ahead is just always the voice of doubt that lingers with every passing year. Once the roller coaster really takes off you don’t realize how the back is just like the front. Those upfront couldn’t even see what 2020 had in store for us. First, we’re rocked with the death of Kobe, someone that carried so many young black kids through hard times with his performance on the court, and as a nation, we’re reeling and trying to heal from that. 

The excitement we held once waiting in line is gone…

We’re screaming and want off because now we have to watch our brothers and sisters die in the streets week after week unjustly. It’s not fun here anymore, and yet we’re set for the biggest drop in our lives next. The tallest point of the coaster, and we just go down everyone screaming in their own right because it feels like we’re barely gonna make it out alive. COVID hits. It hits harder than anything we ever thought, it shocks and scares many, forces hundreds of thousands into a state of absolute unrest, and the ride really just begun.

I spent the next parts of the year, experiencing my highs, I experienced a newfound passion, and while others were still screaming I was lucky enough to finally find the joy in the unknown, and the joy in the constant whirlwind of up, down, up, down and then around again. The year gave me art, the year gave me love, the year gave me and my honey a place to rest finally just with each other. Then the year gave me financial stability and a reason to manifest a life that I know I’m destined for.

2020 was quite the ride, and some downs still make that bit of my stomach rumble up with emotion that spreads all through me, but there’s beauty in still being able to feel something after the year we’ve had.

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