2020 Year End Review: Y’all About To Wear These Masks, Or Nah?

This is me handling people who refuse to wear masks when they test positive for ‘Rona.

My day job as an essential worker as allowed me to look at 2020 from a logical and empathetic vantage point. The party that talks about personal responsibility has a decided the hill on which they want to die is heaped with the bodies of over 200,000 people!

This year of 2020 has shown the nation just why other nations of the world consider America low-class and so gutter. I agree! Thing is, I am not leaving anywhere that my people built for free!

So, that’s out! Moving on.

I am also currently residing in Missouri–where the cases of COVID are in an uptick and there is no reason by which they should be! This year has shown me the rabid, evil nature of racism and just what people will do to hang on to power! The GOP has made LIFE an effing talking point! Let us not forget there were current US Senators whom tested positive for COVID-19, whom still went to work everyday without masks! Yet, they have the kind of healthcare no one else can attain whom isn’t in government!

Let me say this:

Proverbs 9:6 (KJV) says this: Forsake the foolish and live.

How applicable that is to right now! We are in the grips of a global pandemic, and y’all want to holler about wearing something over your mouth and nose which will help you LIVE?!


At this point, at THIS point, if this is what you want do? You are in the grips of a stupidity that a mask will not cover. We see you…we see you clearly. But, it is easier to breathe through a mask, than on a ventilator. Ask me how I know.

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