What a week, Torches! I knew this election was going to be something serious, but what I thought, what I see, and what I see are three totally different things! From Nevada not being able to count, to Arizona turning Blue thanks to the ghost of John McCain, and Stacey Abrams delivering up haymakers to help Georgia turn BLUE! There is so much going on, Torches, and we ain’t there yet, but we are closer that we were a week ago!

Let’s get it!

#BlackWomen #WeLit #HereWeGo #AtItAgain #WorldSavers #WorldChangers #PUSH #RememberWhatMalcolmXSaid #91Percent

So, we are now 3 days from the last vote being cast in the 2020 Election. I won’t lie to you, Torches. On Election Night, a chick was scared! SCARED! I was so scared that I wanted my Daddy and he’s been dead 22 years! Yet, when this happened, God let me sleep. And when I woke up Wednesday morning?! Chile! A chick got her strength and her fight back! The mail in votes hit, more analyses were coming in, and as of today? The election autopsies (the demographic of voters) and Black women made up 91% of Black women voted in this election.


Once more, Black women keep coming through to save this nation from destroying itself…again.

#StaceyAbrams #FairFight #Georgia #GeorgiaOnMyMind #RayCharles #Voting #CantStopWontStop #MayorKeishaLanceBottoms #ATL #BlackWomenComeThrough #WeClutch

We all know Stacey Abrams should be governor of Georgia. We ALL know that Brian Kemp stole that 2018 election from her by purging over 600,000 registered voters from the roll. After conceding the election to him, she got to work. Like all Black women are taught to do–take the L, but get to work! From that work, with that drive, she started FAIR FIGHT–a voting registration initiative. With this initiative, Stacey Abrams helped to get over 800,000 people registered to vote.

Did you hear what I said?!

Eight hundred thousand people!

And then Atlanta come through, led by Keisha Lance Bottoms?! Mane! This is like the illest Black Girl Magic fair tale we could ever behold!

I am here for it. I can now say that I have lived long enough to see both Alabama and Georgia turn BLUE.


#VPJoeBiden #PresidentElectJoeBiden #RealPOTUS #NewGovernmentLoading #VPKamalaHarris #FirstBlackWomanPresident #WeInThere #Healing #261ElectoralCollegeVotes #8Away #CountTheVote #AllVotesMatter #CountAllTheVotes

Am I breathing a little better now, Torches? Yes. I, by no means, think that VP/POTUS-elect Joe Biden is the Messiah, and neither do I look at him this way. What I see him as is a tool and a way forward! We couldn’t have four years of what we just had! I mean, Anderson Cooper called Orange Thanos–and I am quoting!–“An obese turtle on his back in the sun.” And y’all already know that the Cuomo brothers are about to let HAVE on Orange Thanos in a second, so I am here for it. HERE AND PRESENT!

The most telling thing in this election was how Senator Kamala Harris was treated: under-minded, questioned, and disrespected. Her qualifications questioned, and called everything from ferocious to a ‘monster’. But yet, here she is! Here we are!

There is still work to be done, and I am not blind to the amount of work ahead of all of us, and a Biden administration doesn’t change that. Yet, I am overcome–a woman that looks like me (just as ambitious, just as driven) whom is Second-In-Command, with the chance to be Commander-In-Chief. It seems fitting, really. Black women have been at the forefront of change in this nation since its inception. With that said, I look forward to all that will be accomplished in this term.

And we will not be able to tell the Divine 9 NOT NOTHING AND NOTHING NO MORE! Especially not any lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc! I am already planning to be off on January 20th! I am not missing this for the world! I need to see the look on McConnell face when a Black woman is swore in as Vice President of the United States! Ha!

We, the staff of the Ideal Firestarter, again have to give flowers to the hero of Georgia, the indomitable Stacey Abrams. If you would like to learn more about her initiative Fair Fight, click here.

This week I close with the wisdom of Nikki Giovanni:

Nikki Giovanni quote: I am a huge fan of the Black woman. I...

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