2020 Is An Evil Stepmother, And We Keep Looking For Our Dad…

New Disney Cinderella Memes | When Memes, and Memes
Just like 2020…

By know, you all know the story of Cinderella. With this said, 2020–especially how when are in the final throws of this year–it feels that this year has been a cruel joke!

Every single month, there has been some type of episode or situation! I mean from quarantine and Orange Thanos believing this was a hoax, to people stocking up on milk and toliet paper! This by far has been the strangest ever.

I don’t wonder why everyone’s anxiety is so high…I wonder how the hell we got here, honestly! The issue with all of this is, that I have is so keen to notice during 2020 is how what my hero Roxanne Gay said in an New York Times article: “Help isn’t coming.”

I mean we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and people are still screaming how masks are against their constitutional rights! We still are fighting over the existence of science with almost 250,000 people dead. This year has been an exercise in faith, patience, and looking closely as to what it means to be in this place I will only call Lovecraft Country from here on in.

Overall, the year of 2020 has been a whole exercise is what not to do. How best to NOT do something, and is testing the edges of everything that people desire to do. It has been a horror movie, wrapped in an acid trip told by a drunk sitting on a Magic Mushroom waiting for Mario and Luigi!

Confused by that? Welcome to 2020. Take a copy of the Hunger Games with you–it’ll be needed.

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