On The Edge Of Tomorrow…

“All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to sit and do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

With this in mind, I am in state of joy and extreme anxiety as it relates to the outcome of this election. The irony is that as of this posting I am at work at my day job–just like I was 4 years ago. Same position. Same shift. Same anxiety. What I want you to know, my dear Torches, is the same thing which I said four years ago: We are going to make it! It is our turn to fight! It is our turn to be scared and go anyway.

From where I sit, and remembering four years ago–I cannot help but remember four hundred years ago.

And one hundred and fifty years ago.

And sixty years ago.

When I began to think, dear Torches, the less scared I got. Matter of fact, the more angry I became–the more resolute. The more focused–just like in 2016, as 2020, the faith I have isn’t necessarily in the system–but in US! I want you all to vote. I want you all to vote because it has cost so much to get to this point, with so much more to go. I want you to register to vote after this election. I want you to be mindful that history does repeat itself–especially when you don’t pay attention. I want you to remember that freedom is a fight, and you cannot become weary when it is uncomfortable. I want you to remember your own family, their stories and even the open secrets. I want you to stand in line, even if the line is long. I want you to wait and stand even when your feet hurt. I want you to remember to fight, Torches. Bring light heat and smoke!

That is what FIRESTARTERS are. History and the ancestors are still on our side–even in this Lovecraft Country.

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