The United States is the laughingstock of the world, Mitch McConnell got beat up, cats still coming for Senator Kamala Harris, the racists on TikTok are loud, vulgar and wrong and the President is looking (more) like a whole rapist—with the election in FOUR DAYS!

Let’s get it!

#ShondaRhimes #ABC #ThoughtIForgot #WhoWasThatBold #SoundsAboutWhite #ThisIs #TheyDontNeedAJob #NoGo #GetEmMsRhimes

I didn’t forget about weighing in about this here! Oh! I have lots to say (listen to my podcast THE WRITERS’ BLOCK, Episode 44A:  What Shonda Said)! The main thing I have to add to this conversation is:  this executive HAS TO BE White! Gotta be! Their name not being released was all the proof I needed for this! This woman and her production company has created over a BILLION DOLLARS worth of programming for this network, and she can’t get a Disneyland pass that works?! What?! I cannot believe that someone who is making you money, you get upset that she asks for something which should have been hers! I mean, you tell SHONDA RHIMES “Don’t you have enough?” Ooh, you bold as cat piss for that, sir. I think this executive said this to her to humble her–because that is what mediocre people do to people whom are ambitious. So, the fact this was said when she asked for something that was hers? Oh, that bastard had been waiting to tell her that. The fact that she left–and took all her talent with her? I would have done the same thing. The EXACT SAME. That was my reminder as I grow as a writer, to not stand for any disrespect. NEVER.

#Election #Voting #RememberJohnLewis #ItsNotAGame #ThisCosts #Push #KnowYourPollingPlace #DontSitThisOut

Congressman John Lewis died this year–in the midst of a global pandemic. Yet, he died in hope. Hope! Believing that we who are alive and remain we fight just as hard as he did! We are in a place in this nation to begin to right this ship before it totally capsizes! We are not helpless, and never think that we are! We are not helpless! Go vote! Vote people your grandmothers couldn’t! Vote because evil men killed our grandfathers because they dared to! Do not allow the pain of what we are going through now to freeze us from going forward. Vote.

#Halloween #InThePandemic #NotI #Shenanigans #EffIt #IGotMyOwnCandy #HalloweenAtHome

Every Halloween, I watch Silver Bullet on AMC. I don’t really DO Halloween, but I let my kids do that with their father. With that said, this Halloween is bananas! It was hard telling my oldest daughter Trick-Or-Treating was not going to be possible–because PANDEMIC! With this said, it hurts. I won’t lie–it hurts! There is no normal, but I am fighting for one. I’m sure you all are, my Torches! Keep fighting for the normal. It’s coming, but we have to take it day by day. And the CHARLIE BROWN SPECIALS are canceled this year?! Complete effing trash! But, this is where I stock up on Mom snacks (maybe a good bottle) and watch Netflix. Even the strongest soldiers have to rest. I;m resting this Halloween. I truly am. Frozen SNICKERS help with stress, trust me.

Okay Torches! When I come back next week, we could have a new President. And to be honest? I’m voting for Joe BECAUSE of Kamala. Ijs…


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