Things Scarier Than COVID…Y’all Are Doing Halloween In A Real Life ’28 Days Later’?!

28 Days Later' Is Finally Getting a Third Installment | HorrorGeekLife
This movie was made in 2002. Let that sink in!

2020 is being written by Satan’s henchmen. Or Hunter S. Thompson, HP Lovecraft and Tom Clancy are on a bender writing this all together.

Halloween is in three days, and I had to have the conversation with my oldest daughter and her friends that we will NAWT be doing Halloween. Why? THERE IS A FREAKING PANDEMIC! UGH!

When I saw the local St. Louis nightlife advertising for escape rooms, the Darkness and Creepyworld (these are local Halloween exhibits here in St. Louis) I could not help but think about how quickly viruses spread in close quarters. Which means I flipped through my horror movie catalog. The only thing I could liken this madness to is 28 Days Later.

Oh, how I miss when horror movies weren’t prophetic, and they were just a source of entertainment!

I had to tell my daughter that Trick-Or-Treating isn’t happening, but snacks and all-night movies could be a for-real reality for her and her friends–virtually! No one has time for COVID or a house full of teenage girls!

The thing that freaks me out the most about this situation is how quickly people dismiss what they believe no longer suits them! I mean, I get that Halloween is can be lit! Lord, knows I cannot wait to do masquerade parties again! I have been itching to be Carmen Jones, Akasha or a sexy librarian in the MCU, ready to steal Steve Rogers from Peggy Carter–but if I gotta wait to dress up? Everyone gotta wait to dress up!

The year of 2020 is a horror movie fan-fiction thread written in the book you see in Death Note! someone write something happy so Kira doesn’t come next!

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