Talk About It Tuesday-10/27/2020

Oh, Anon…where do I even begin with this! The fact that you believe that the only way to ‘get’ women is to not respect them? I wonder what you mother, sister, aunts, cousins think about bullshit that is in this statement. Here, let me fix it: “The women that I really want require too much effort, and I ain’t ready for all that.” I will, however, concede one thing, maybe two if I am honest. There are some women who are used to ill treatment. They don’t know what it is like to be treated well! They are used to ‘struggle love’–this idea that you have to suffer in love or to be loved; proved that you are worthy enough to be chosen. This is trash. This is trash, Anon! The fact that you have 6 women in ‘rotation’ let’s me know how young you are (truly!). You think this is cute. You think this okay! You think that because you decided to treat women as common, rather than special, that you have done something exceptional? I assure you that you haven’t. I assure you that dogging women, by admitting you are deciding to dog women, assure that you don’t value women–not until you grow up! And judging by this post, this will be a long process. But let me leave you with this, dear Anon, it doesn’t make you a man for how many women you can make holler for God or your name. It will not make you a man for badly you can make a woman feel or make cry or call a bitch when you think she is ‘getting on my nerves’ or when she accuses you of cheating on her or lying to her. Just know, these types of situation never end well and neither do they end well for the men that start them. Realize that you, too, are owed a healthy relationship–and you should treat women with respect PERIOD. With that said, I hope you find what you are looking for. But I can tell you this–the ocean you find between a girl’s legs won’t let you find it either.

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