What a week! Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is being sought after to his trash behavior, Orange Thanos is out here believing he has the Infinity Gauntlet (who gon tell him how this ends), Torey Lanez is out here being definition of a trash dude, the Racist Right is using the intro music for the Kansas City Chiefs, and two weeks from now we could have a new president. I am here for the BIDEN-HARRIS PRESIDENCY!

Let’s get it!

#NewPresident #Election2020 #EndInfinityWarPart1 #PresidentJoesphRBiden #HereForIt #VicePresidentKamalaHarris #Vote #GoVote #NotPlayingWithYall #PrepareToWait #BringASnack #ItsOurTurnToFight

Listen, I know VP Joe Biden isn’t what we wanted. I get that, y’all. But we cannot have 4 more years of this Hellscape known as the Chump Presidency. We cannot! You don’t have to agree with everything, but you have to understand that your vote is a weapon to defeat Orange Thanos! It makes you an Avenger! Don’t you want to be an Avenger?! I call being Romanov–I am always Romanov! But, I digress.

I need you all to understand that this is dire. If want to honor our favorite grandpa Bernie Sanders, do not use your vote to protest! Do not use your vote to write in Kanye ‘Off My Meds’ West! Do not use this election to let it all burn! Don’t do this, Torches! I beg you, and as a Firestarter–I don’t beg. Vote because you had someone that died of COVID; vote because you work in healthcare; vote because you know Indigenous people and value the land; vote because you want this shit show over! But don’t you dare sit this out because you ‘feel’ some type of way! Over 200,000 people are dead–because no one wants to believe science. As our Social Media coordinator said so eloquently, and I will reiterate here: VOTE GOTDAMMIT!

#ProtectBlackWomen #ThisASaga #HowLong #Accountability #MissMeWithThis #NoTorey #SupportMeg #TeamMegan #WhatDoYouCallThePeopleThatSupportMeganTheeStallion

I am a supporter of Megan Thee Stallion. Does this make me a Stallion too? Does this mean that I’m in a stable too? Am I a mare? I’m just asking, because I’m here for this, though! I mean I am here for the woman that said, “put these legs on his head now he love tall women.” YAS. Moving on, though.

This Torey Lanez saga is getting tiresome! I am so over this militant midget. OVER! No! This is one of the reasons that Black women suffer in silence so often. Why? When we speak out, we are not believed, gaslighted or slut shamed! Not today, fam! No! This little boy can try this isht somewhere else, because those of us of this Black and woman intersectional experience see the game for what it is, and what it always was. The game is you want the world to side with you, ignoring this woman’s pain, trying to embarrass her with your SoundCloud album, but want people to be on you side to speak of your character so you don’t go to jail? Nall. No. You should have thought about that when you pull a gun out the woman you shared space and time with. At this point (and I don’t advocate jail for anyone, especially Black men!), whatever consequences he gets? Thats on him.

#MCU #EverybodyHatesChris #HowDidWeGetHere #TheLeastLikedChris #ICannot #SpeechlessButNotReally #MakeItMakeSense #CallWhatIsPromblematicPROBLEMATIC

So, #MeToo has found its way to the scared space of the MCU?! This week due to the pace and madness of the pandemic, the ‘most least liked’ Chris has been found to be Chris Pratt–Peter Quill himself!

I don’t even know how to even respond to this.

The reason he is now the most ‘unliked’ Chris, is because of how he made his co-stars feel (allegedly). The fact he does to a homophobic church, (allegedly), and seems to just be a wholeass problem! Now, will say this. It is not up to men to say what is or what is not uncomfortable for and towards women! I said what I said. For all the male co-stars he wasn’t ‘mean’ towards to vouch for him? Aight, that’s your boy–fine. But what I need you to understand, and this goes to you too my male Torches, you need to be aware of the women in your circle. Watch body language, verbal interactions, and what could make women uncomfortable! Plus, we willing to step in and correct some shenanigans when you see it! That’s all!

Do better, Chris. Do better, Quill. That’s why you can’t find Gamora now, being a bastard and general nuisance.

Note: Make sure that your address is correct on your ID’s, and make sure you know where your polling place is. This cats out here are being ridiculous, and if you are in line at the time the poll place closes, they must let you vote. Don’t play. Go vote. Be safe.

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