Things Scarier Than COVID…Going On Midweek Liquor Runs For The Weekend!

Let’s get three things straight, Torches.

1.) Legal drinking age is 21.

2.) Don’t drink and drive. If you plan on drinking when you get there, find another way back.

3.) Having a DD does not make you soft or silly. DD’s get you home safe.

How Many Bottles Of Wine Can I Drink During Quarantine? - Meme - Shut Up  And Take My Money

I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. I nice red wine or a white Moscato, preferably. I am in the portion of my life where I have been drunk at home, in public, alone and with people–with pictures that will never be on the internet.

Yet, I’m a mother now. I have two kids that live with me full-time. They are 13 and 11. If decide to drink, I have to do two things.

One: Get my alcohol when they cannot see me get it.

Two: Get said bought alcohol and put it somewhere they can’t see me drink it.

I mean, do they know what it is? Yes. Do I buy it often? No. I have actually had do pour out a bottle of wine that I started drinking, but didn’t finish it! Moreover, if there is alcohol in the house, I keep in the mini refrigerator in my room. There is levels to this! I can’t say that I am ashamed that I drink, I just don’t want my kids to see me drinking! I cannot explain exactly why that is, or why am I mortified of them seeing their mom with a wine glass every now and then!

I think it’s because of the times we are in. I want to be sober and aware in case something happens and I need to act quickly. I don’t want something to occur and me be in any way incapacitated. Even though, I literally will drink no more than 2 glasses after a bath or when they are asleep before going to bed myself!

And going to the store for it? I feel judged! Getting it delivered through Instacart? I feel like someone might ask, “Why is she getting this?” So it is this tug of war between, “Do I just go get it, or send someone else to!” I’m sure this is all in my head…

There are people dealing with this pandemic and quarantine the best way they know how! And a little vino is good for you, they say! Besides, I’d rather buy the classy Moscato bottle than the shooter bottles behind the counter. Those look suspect, don’t ask me why…

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