Talk About It Tuesday-10/20/2020

Oh, Anon… this cannot be further from the truth. I don’t defend Jada nor do I defend Offset.

I will say this: grown people do what they want! This is what can and does make some people’s behavior problematic. Moreover, the rumor has been that Jada and Will Smith have been in an ‘open marriage’ forever.

The reason why their life is in shambles at present is because the young man that she was playing Hide & Go Freak with told the world on her. It doesn’t make it right! She is still a married woman, and as a married woman–even in an ‘open marriage’–has some sort of expectations. It doesn’t make what she did right, and she’s clearly paying for that. Besides, did you see Will’s face? That clearly crushed him–and having her relive that at her Red Table? It clearly didn’t tickle. The thing about Offset is he, too, is a married man. He is married to a pretty, successful woman and that is not good enough.

The adage (as sexist as it is) goes, “Women cheat for love and men cheat for sex.” The thing about this is I don’t think that its wrong–neither completely right! People have their reasons for getting into relationships, and reasons for wanting to leave them. The thing about Jada and Offset is Jada was put on blast on this one extracurricular activity. Offset has had a team of them! Jada has been married twenty some years. Offset and Cardi have been married not even five! There are a string of broads he has been with! Both of them were wrong! No one gets away with anything when you cheat on your partner or spouse. I mean, if you want to be with someone else, go! Don’t keep hurting the other person because you can’t decide what you want. That goes for Jada and Offset!

If you want to be monogamous, be monogamous. If you want to play the field, and keep a team–say that! But don’t try and be a captain of two teams! Only God can be everywhere being everything to everyone at one time…

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