Talk About It Tuesday-10/13/2020

Well, Anon, this is how life works. The fact that you are referring to the people in your past life, now only a year old, as n—-s and b!tch#s, tells me just how young you really are. It is when we don’t have all the things people around us want that we really know who is really for us. Don’t think too much about this, though! At least now you know who is really for you, and how to identify whom isn’t! This pandemic as revealed what we really need, never had, and what really has ever mattered to us! It is crazy how life works, and equally crazy how we let people in our lives whom have never (perhaps) should be there. And here is food for thought:  stop using the phrase ‘bitches  I used to fuck.’ Your wealth as a man is not determined by how many when you make holler. Women can fake it well! Maybe they took their WAPs elsewhere because your peen in trash. Just a thought…

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