Things Scarier Than COVID…Losing Your NETFLIX Password–IN THE PANDEMIC!

Thank you to all the essential workers! We are also sending support to those whom have been furloughed, laid off, and waiting to go back to work. Here is to new opportunities for all of you, and getting back to work. We see y’all–and we prayin’! -JBHarris

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I won’t lie to yall. I cannot remember my NETFLIX password. I can’t and I don’t. I only have this app on my phone, and on my TV. My kids watch NETFLIX more than I do, and I have a 13-year-old daughter who tells me (after I caught her on my side of NETFLIX), “All the good stuff is on your side, Mom! I can’t watch THE FLASH on my account!”

Dude. But that is another matter for another day.

The most stressful thing about passwords, and keys for me, is the loss of access. I have super high anxiety when I lose stuff! I do! And Netflix passwords, and other passwords for other cooler apps, is a whole other animal though! These overseers of entertainment oversee these apps, mane! They know that if you’re at home in Chicago, you can’t be logging in Florida where you fam is because they just haven’t gotten around to getting there own NETFLIX account yet! People are still getting in trouble for this, fam! This is not the smoke you want when we have a POTUS having coughing fits on national TV, 200,000 people dead, people don’t want to wear masks and some people thinking the world is flat!

No one wants TV smoke, my dude. No one.

I say this: make the password something you won’t forget. Make it something that you can remember! I know times are hard, y’all, but NETLFLIX stay having free trials! Or at least you are on a shared account, don’t let anyone log you out! That is doubly horrible! How are you going to be kicked out of an account you had to beg to be put onto!

No, this is not what we are doing in the pandemic. This is not what the ancestors want for us. We will remember passwords, give out necessary password information when we must, and stop trying to watch all the true crime on another account. Or maybe that’s just my daughter…

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