Orange Thanos is a whole contagion, everyone that has access to nuclear codes is sick with something that will kill them, Torey Lanez looking at double digit time, and 13 domestic terrorists tried to kidnap and kill a sitting US GOVERNOR! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO, BECAUSE THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE SIGNS OF THE END!

Let’s get it!

#EverybodySick #ThisIsAmerica #ItHasAlwaysBeenAmerica #HowTheWholeEverybodySick #HeSignedOutAMA #HeOnIVWHAT #NoDebate #ThisHasGotToStop

I cannot speak on how everyone else grew up, but me? When I was sick, I had to stay in the house and my movements where limited.


That means I couldn’t go anywhere! ANYWHERE! That means everything needed to be brought to me, or I had to have it in house! I had to take medicine or pain killers as prescribed, and I had to rest! What this crazy man is doing is being a male Typhoid Mary! How does everyone at the job you at be sick, and you have the audacity to just still believe you can do what you want? Who raised these people?! There are literally 30 people that have been around this man whom are now ill! They don’t have the flu or summer colds–they have contracted a virus which has killed over 200,000 people! Now, he doesn’t want to do a virtual debate (even though they did one 60 years ago!)! And there are people whom will be at the White House TOMORROW for some event–but no one is wearing masks? Masks are still an option? Man, look! All I know is ignorance kills people faster than bullets. They can gone over there if they want to tomorrow–they’ll be next.

#SenatorKamalaHarris #ImSpeaking #ShesSpeaking #KamalaHarris #BlackWomenMatter #FullStop #HereWeGo #BlackWomenMatter #HereWeAre #WeBeenHere #DivineNine #CantStop #WontStop #BidenHarris2020

I am a fan of Senator Kamala Harris. She is smart, astute and takes no shenanigans. The fact that VP White-haired Satan tried to debate her, talk over her and thought he could win this? Nall, fam! The thing is this–every Black woman has been in this position where she had to appear/be less than in order not to ‘scare’ White folk in a room.

As problematic as he can be, Charlamagne tha God said on The Breakfast Club something I thought was poignant:

“I can’t wait for when a woman like Senator Kamala Harris can show up as her full self and doesn’t have to be labeled an angry Black woman.”

There is nothing here but facts. Nothing but facts! He talked over here, she responded, still with the grace all ambitious Black women are taught, saying: “I’m speaking, “I’m still speaking.” This world likes it Black women docile, gaslighted and mammy-fied! Black women don’t get to be our full selves because not a lot of people can handle that! The fact that there are folk who saw her performance on this debate–where she trounced this dude!–and called her ‘abrasive’ or a ‘Monster‘ as the imposter POTUS did, this is nothing new! Black women have been taught to have skin tough as bricks! We have to be able to navigate a world that either wants to mimic you, mock you or erase you!

So, yes! I’m speaking! I am still speaking!

Whew! What a word. What a word!

#ToreyLanez #22Years #ProtectBlackWomen #IPV #DomesticViolence #ThisIsNotCute #ThisIs #TeamMegan #SupportMegan #MeganTheeStallion

Eff this #StopSnitching culture! I do not feel bad that this SoundCloud rapper might be getting 22 years for shooting Megan Jovon Ruth Pete. I don’t! Don’t come over here and ask me to protect Black men when NO ONE wants to protect BLACK WOMEN! Don’t ask me about the prison industrial complex, the school to prison pipeline, and mass incardination but you won’t tell your trash friends to treat their wives and girlfriends better! Don’t ask me to go hard for the type of Black men that still will ask Black women to endure struggle love, forging trauma bonds making it look like ‘real love’. Nall, pimp! Nall! We are in a whole pandemic, with the epidemic of IPV/DV everywhere! Nall! We are done with this here, Torches! Let us be the last generation of women that say: “It’s okay if he treats me like this, this is what I deserve.” NO! No it’s not!

Make protecting Black women normal.

Let me say this again for the cheap seats, and the cats that snuck in:


This week, I end with this here. #ShesSpeaking #ImStillSpeaking

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