Things Scarier Than COVID…Getting Gas On The Northside Of St. Louis At Night!

See! Redd Foxx be knowin’!

I am a lifelong St. Louis resident. It was my ex-husband, the father of my 2 children, that taught me how to drive. In that, he used to tell me or remind me about getting gas. This a white dude now–but he grew up in East St. Louis. Chile, he was something else! No matter, let’s keep going!

So after being taught to drive, and having a baby, he would remind me about getting gas. But again, I grew up here! Knew which spots to go get gas in the DAYTIME, I wasn’t trying to get gas at night ANYWHERE! But, for those of you that are aware of the history of St. Louis, including all the racism, know there are two main streets that have a lot of gas stations. One is West Florissant. The other is Natural Bridge. Now, am I afraid of my people? Nall. But I’m afraid of what desperate folk of any race do when they they can harm other people!

The gas stations on West Florissant are right across from two cemeteries: Calvary Cemetery and Bellefontaine Cemetery. that people often crash into, and steal out of! Yes, people actually crash into these wrought iron fences! I still have not figured out who these people are and why this occurs! But there is always a section of fence missing because someone hit it!

But back to the folk stealing from the dead!

Yes, you heard me! STEALING FROM THE DEAD.

It happened! A couple years ago, no one has determined who did this or how! But, someone stole the metal door off a mausoleum. I wish I was making this up! Don’t believe me? Click here.

So, with all that known, me being a woman (and a mother) in a major US city, getting gas at night, from a place where people get robbed at and across from a place people have robbed from?! Bruh! This is not something that I try to make a habit! When my babies where younger, I would get gas at the pump, so I could keep an eye on them. I would only get gas by going inside after I dropped them off at the sitter. My biggest fear? Being carjacked. Or raped. Why? No one looks for Black girls when we go missing…especially with a cemetery next door.

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