Talk About It Tuesday-10/6/2020

We are back from our small September hiatus to give you this good Mother/Sister wit that might just save your life! Let’s get it!

This week’s TAIT comes from–you guessed it!–HBCU Confessions (Twitter: @hbcucfessions)!

Dear Anon-

Let me tell you three things, and two of them you may not want to hear–but you need to.

One. It is your body, yes. When you begin to start having sex, you invite all the responsibility that having sex entails. This means being smart enough to bring your own condoms, get regular STD testing, and know what to do when you have an unplanned pregnancy! If you wanna be grown, and do grown woman stuff, you need to have grown woman answers and resources.

Two. As far as you getting an abortion and not telling him? That seems a little bit sketchy. Here is why. I would want to know if you had told him you were even pregnant and how far along you where. I would want to know his reaction to that initial information, too!

Three. The fact that he ‘gave you some money’ to have the baby, and called you a ‘baby killer’ doesn’t sit right with me. Unless he gave you some serious money (like $100,000 and better!), that really doesn’t matter! Did he say what he would do know that you were pregnant? How was he going to support? How was he going to support you? What was the plan on his part?! My grandmother said, “You can make your mouth say anything!” I am not saying his grief is not valid, what I am saying is it takes more than “Imma give you this money to keep the baby” to keep a relationship and make a family. Him calling you a name is just from that pain, again–he is entitled to it. The fact that he broke up with you over it? At this point, Anon, cut your losses and keep going.

As women, we make hard decisions daily. What I would suggest is you find counseling to deal with having to make this decision, Anon. You may think that you are okay now, but grief hits unexpectedly.

Dear Anon, take care of yourself. Value your body, and time. And change your number! Block him off social media, and don’t try to have him hit it again for ‘old times sake!’ If dude wants to be through dealing with you? Then let him having to find you, to tell you ‘f— you’ again.

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