First off: YES, WE ARE STILL HERE. #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor

Daniel Cameron is not a savior. He is not a hero. He is not a representative any type of Black man/Black person whom is interested in justice or care for Black women or any other Black people!

Megan Thee Stallion was on SNL this past Saturday and plastered a giant message to Daniel Cameron and the corrupt ‘justice system’ in Louisville, KY. If I couldn’t love her more, I do now. I love the fact that this talented Black woman–dealing with her own trauma!–spoke out on behalf of another Black woman unable to speak for herself! But, again, as my writer friend of mine said, “Black women protect Black women.”

We don’t have a choice! Who else will protect Black women if other Black women don’t? I mean, this man whom has a Black mother somewhere, decided it was more important to protect the murderers of a woman whom could have been a part of his family? Make this make sense!

I just need to know at this point is justice a pipe dream for folk that are Black–even with Black people in positions of power? I just need to know! I need to know is the trauma I experience as a Black woman for other people’s entertainment or fodder for SAW movies? I just need to know!

Breonna Taylor should not be dead.

These officers who stormed in her house shouldn’t still be police officers!

Tax payers should not have to pay these settlements–they need to come out of police pensions! Fight me.

Malcolm X said that the most disrespected and unprotected person in the nation is a Black woman. The sadder thing is when you can’t even rely on the people that look like you to protect you.

Daniel Cameron wishes he was white. But let’s me tell you something AG Cameron–these breed of the grandson’s of Klansmen are used to buying Sunken Place negroes WHOLESALE. You are–and will be–no different. No matter what Massa told you–you are not special.

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