Good Of The World In COVID-19, Part 2

This pandemic has truly shown us all who we are. In a world divided, it challenged us. In those challenges, birth many things. We were forced to look at things different. We really had to slow down to see who we were as a country. When it was time to wipe the dust off the mirror, we realized that we didn’t like what was staring back at us! Instead of giving up, we collectively decided to make some changes. Here are two which I find most important. 

The Arts. I have never seen so many amazing ideas being crafted in my life–even from the younger generation. We as adults, were able to take a step back from our regular duties of picking kids up from school or practice, the mall and running countless other errands. By sitting in the house, we finally made time to remember all the amazing things that made us–US.  I have seen people making furniture, painting, clothes, decorating, drawing, writing, playing musical instruments, etc. It has been awesome, even and especially for the younger generation. While they are not in a traditional classroom, it has helped some to find a talent or a hobby that they love to do. I have never seen a country more talented from an artistic standpoint. Don’t get me wrong. You see things every day, but it has never been to such an extent as it is right now. 

Resourcefulness. When it came to us not being able to see one another as much, the first thing we did was figure it out. Be it a Zoom for meetings with family and friends, cocktails with coworkers, or MS Teams, one way or the other, we figured out how to see each other.  It forced businesses to rebrand and amass a future in different ways. We can no longer have concerts in the same way. In typical fashion, once again, the internet never loses. Seriously! Celebrities figured out they didn’t need a giant stage to sell tickets and hold concerts. They could do it from the comfort of their own homes. Podcasts have turned in to concerts; concerts have turned into Verzuz battles. The way we as a society truly figured this out has been nothing short of amazing! Even on the anniversary of Biggie Smalls death, Brooklyn had a DJ set up on the top of his apartment complex! While up there, he started mixing Biggie Smalls songs. This caused the other neighboring people to open their apartment windows, singing, which lead to having a full-on jam session. It was amazing!

Kindnesses. This pandemic has caused us to be more kinds and thoughtful to one another. It also taught us to be a little more sensitive to each other; exposing things in us which we have given a blind eye towards. With all the negativity and hate, it has been matched with some amazing people who have come out in droves to show each love, compassion, and support to and for one another. During this time, it’s not as easy to step over someone who is homeless and without noticing. We realize that we all need each other to get through this. 

There is a lot happening right now! But far be it for me to not value everything that happening. In every storm there is an awakening of moment. This is the moment you realize why this storm has formed and what is on the other side. When this is over, I hope that we all continue to nurture the realizations we got from the storm so we can continuously be grateful for making it to the other side. 

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