The Good (For Me) In COVID-19, Part 1

It’s so easy to talk about all the negative effect that COVID-19 has had on all of us. However, we can’t deny that it has done some good as well. With everything that is going on in our world, its easy to get caught up in just the bad things. While they are relevant, so is all the amazing things that have happened. I’ll share some of my COVID journey with you. 

Like everyone else, I was a busybody. I was hardly ever at home and didn’t see a reason to be home–unless it was time to shower and go to bed. For some stranger reason, I could never seem to sit in one place for long. Until the COVID! Truly, it has been the biggest blessing that has come this year by far. 

For me, this has been a true, transformational time. I have learned a lot about myself. In that process of learning, I have also had to face things about myself that needed to be purged, weeded out. I had to face ALL of my insecurities; all of the things people said about me that I needed to fix; all of the things I allowed people to say or do to me. I had to truly sit with me. See, being out in the world (even if I didn’t recognize it at the time), was a distraction. Going through this pandemic has forced me to slow down, and be with my own thoughts: facing myself in a challenging way. I would always tell people this: When you lay down at night, it’s just you and you alone. Even if you are sharing a bed with someone, you are in your own skin. YOU have to like being in that skin. Do you love YOU enough for me to love you?

Yep, there it is! Asking myself those same questions. I faced it like anything else in my life: head on. I must say, I am proud of myself! This pandemic, in all its tragedy, has been the setting of one of the greatest, most magnificent, glorious battles I have won. After going through and doing some much needed, self-inventory, I rediscovered my passion for me. Just being able to love freely, live freely, and all that it encompasses. I rediscovered my joy for writing and being creative. I feel like in this pandemic, I no longer question who I am–because I know. I don’t have to be boisterous in order for people to recognize I have a strong and powerful voice. My presence and essence is powerful! It shows itself before I utter a word. I don’t have to dim my light so that other, stronger personalities can shine. I can shine just as bright as I need to! In this crisis, I learned to love me. 

I am asked all the time what I feel about how my life is going during this pandemic. I am happy to say I am blessed to be among the many whom have survived COVID not once, but twice! I am among the living and am blessed that I can still wake up, able to reinvent myself. I can take this opportunity of life and make the most of it. 

Although this pandemic has caused a lot of grief, I am taking advantage of opportunities  so many others wish their family would have had. I am determined to make my life more fruitful and bountiful. I encourage you to do that same.

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