RBG is gone, Cardi B is getting divorced, Chadwick Boseman will be getting a statue of his likeness in his hometown, Torey Lanez is an abusive midget, The AG of Louisville is the biggest coon to be named since Adam in the Garden, and Missouri governor-bigot, tRUMP supporter, and COVID-19, has now had contracted the very thing he said didn’t exist. Make of that what you will…

Let’s get it!

#RGB #TruthAndConsequences #SCOTUS #StolenSeats #TheGameIsAfoot #PayAttention #ThisMourningIsDifferent #WhatNow #TheyBooedHim #HowLongLord

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has passed away. In being honest, I am sad and really angry. But not for the reasons that you think. I am sad because this woman that meant so much to so many people, is gone at 87. On the other hand, when she had the chance to retire (as Sandra Day O’Connor did), while President Obama was in office and she refused.

It was then, that made me look at her strange. I understand why she wouldn’t want to–she did earn this spot, and it was a just appoint by President Clinton! Yet, she knew he was aging. She knew she wouldn’t be around forever–why not put the court in a younger position? And with all this going on with the current Hell-breathed administration? All I literally needed/wanted her to do is not die while this monster was in office! This is the same low bar I have for Clarence Thomas–who shouldn’t have gotten his seat (which belonged to THURGOOD MARSHALL!) after what he did with Anita Hill!

Conversely, it is always women whom have to or are expected to sacrifice for the greater good, for the common welfare, with the expectation that doing do makes them more appealing. So, I get that. We live in a country of ‘both/and’. This means two things can be happening at the same time–and not both of them good.

#BreonnaTaylor #Louisville #FergusonIsEverywhere #CoonsCooneryAndFuckery #WhereIsTheJustice #RememberPlato #TheAGIsOnTheTake #SayHerName #DanielJayCameron #AllSkinfolkAintKinfolk

Daniel Jay Cameron wants to be White so bad. I’m sure he has a Black mama somewhere and she should have beat him with her church purse–with a brick in it! There is a hubris to this man that you only see in and with Klan members. How DARE he be this silent, this ensconced in supporting white supremacy when the police kicked in a door and killed woman in the arms of the man she loved! You being the Black buck of a White woman doesn’t make you White! These same cats that busted in her house on a no-knock warrant to the wrong house, got shot at because they didn’t identify themselves and then try to frame her?! These are the people you protect, Daniel Jay Cameron?! These people will kill you as soon as sell you! I cannot comprehend this. I really cannot. And now he might be considered a SCOTUS nominee? Chile, dis tew murch.

#IntimatePartnerViolence #IPV #ToreyLanez #WhoThisManHarpo #JusticeForMeganTheeStallion #MeganJovonRuthPete #HeShotHer #AndYouMakeAnAlbum #CardiB #Cheating #OffsetGotReset



I won’t even lie to you all, my Torches. I don’t know who this little ugly dude, Torey Lanez, is. I really didn’t! And Imma say this too: I am a survivor of IPV/DV. And I never need to see him this side of the Cross ever again. Then, you want to make a diss track about her on SOUNDCLOUD?! Who wrote 2020?! On top of the fact that Offset–whom was throwing his peen in any willing broad!–is feeling some type of way about the lyrics of WAP?

BRUH. Are you serious? How is that–so her singing about her WAP, while you chasing/hitting/pursuing other WAP, that is not your wife’s WAP, and you got an attitude?!

Let me say this, and I am prepared to sound like the 39-year-old woman that I am, and I hope this helps.

First: Cheating is cheating is cheating. This here with Cardi and Offset is raggedy. I knew he wasn’t isht from jump! When they broke up the first time and he rode up her at her concert–at her job!–with that encroaching in her space? Yeah. That relationship was doomed.

Second: Imma need this culture of Black women being the cultural messiahs, always sacrificing and dying for other people to end! We cape for everyone else, and no one capes for us–except for other Black women! This

Third: Reporting a violence against women is not snitching. It is not ‘soft’! Protecting and preserving your life, peace, space and happiness is not ‘soft’! Healthy relationships are not to be dictated by the concept of Struggle Love (I did a 4-part series about the Affair With Struggle Love on I Breathe Fire).

Fourth: Cardi and Megan got money. They have resources! Quit playing with me. Gone head and live your WHOLE life Belcalis! Let this dude be, and do you.

Fifth: Megan is a beautiful woman. Not a man. Stop perpetuating this innanet lie! File charges on this dude that is making albums on this SoundCloud rapper! Make your money, secure all bags, Ma. Stop compromising yourself for company, clout and peen. Torey is the personification of trash peen.

This is how I’m ending this week, dear ones. Click the photo to meet the artist Nikkolas Smith. Name of the mural? King Chad.

Black Panther mural pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman at Downtown Disney –  Orange County Register

[Image from The OCR]

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