Make A Mask, Get A Bag…

As a woman in the pandemic, lashes and brows still matter. Thank you Pat McGrath.

In the age of COVID-19/This Rona/Miss Rona/This Pandemic, the hustle continues! In this time, I have seen more people that I clearly know-and am so proud of!–starting businesses. There were people I know that have started freelancing their skills, starting LLC’s, and waking up skills their grandparents taught them in order to pass on tradition or to keep them busy. One of my writing clients, the lovely and classy Kacie Starr Long has started making masks! She is a third generation seamstress–and Sis is amazing!

See! I told you Kacie was great!

She has started sewing classes, she makes bonnets, she writes books, and preaches this Good Gospel. Without a hair out of place! I love her and her hustle. Our favorite the indomitable Meisha Davis even started her own business! She has taken this time this pandemic has given in order to give us her business Sincerely These Hands.

Find the Sincerely These Hands on Facebook.

Yes, she really named it that.

If you knew her wit, you would know how applicable it is! There is also the people I know whom have taken COVID -19/ The 2020 Pandemic as license to change their entire lives! There are people I know whom have gone back to school to pursue what they want. There are people who are pursuing their dreams–because there is time, and the fear of failure has vanished.

One of my girls, the luminous AK Brown, has taken her job change (the before COVID-19 shut down), to start to embrace all her talents towards her love of fashion! There are male friends of mine reconnecting their their kids, and embracing fatherhood in a way that is oh-so amazing–because there is time now. There is time. The weirdest blessing in this time of being together is…being together.

AK? Oh, yes. Sis is a whole brand.

Some of us needed this shut down. We needed the hard stop! Hell, we needed the rest! I know I did! I know that not all money is good money. I also know that I cannot spend my life working for other people–this pandemic has taught me that–and has given me the opportunity to see a life beyond punching a clock for other people. This pandemic has given me time to see, reflect and see the opportunities around me.

Opportunities that I can make, doors that were hidden not because I couldn’t open them–I couldn’t see them. I just couldn’t see them in the rush of trying to just live; being an adult every single day. This pandemic for all its destruction–is giving some of us the thing we needed: time.

[images from, the Facebook pages of Kacie Starr Long, Sincerely These Hands, and AK Brown]


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