Pandemic Playlist

Shouts to the legendary producer Timbaland who has given us memories that we can’t truly, completely value just yet. Black art is saving lives on the daily. #BlackLivesMatter. -JBHarris

The girls have been giving us the pandemic playlist, honey! Ever since the year has started, the female music industry has been booming with hit after hit! The girls have truly been all gas no brakes when it comes to music! Whether it has been Kehlani, Megan Thee Stallion, or Summer Walker we have gotten a plethora of chart topping music. It seemed like everything good in the world had been on pause since COVID-19 hit, but artists have been giving us every bit of music to stay afloat. We’ve gotten music to aid the tears on the rough days, but most importantly have gotten music to make us forget that the world around us is chaotic. I definitely think it goes without saying that we need to thank these artists for still giving the world a little piece of joy by being able to crank out all this music, during an entire pandemic

I think when all of this is going on around us we forget to enjoy small stuff like music! We spent so much time critiquing artists’ real lives that we forgot how music really does capture a period of time! Now that even their flashy lives have come to a bit of a halt, there isn’t much to focus on but the music. All this music that they are dishing out we’ll remember it being what we laughed at, what made us smile, and maybe even what we twerked to in a time of what seemed to be complete despair. I think Timbaland’s Verzuz, Instagram show really, really is reminding people about how much feel-good music is out there, especially right now! In one of my older pieces,  I talked about the Jill Scott and Eryka Badu Verzuz. I talked about how good it felt going back in time to those days when you first heard those songs, and it’s no different with every episode with these throwbacks. In a few years, these chart-topping songs will be throwbacks to us. Then we’ll think about how it was the these songs playing all day for our quarantine birthdays, or some of the first songs we heard once we were finally able to go to the stores! Music is a moment,and honey we are getting a whole lot of these good moments to enjoy!

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