Nineteen years ago today, 3300 people were killed. The staff of The Ideal Firestarter remembers these 3300 lives, and send love and light to families who were affected by this tragedy. In this time of COVID-19 this tragedy seems to hit harder. Death is a thief and a robber. Today, we hope we can be the Torches we set ourselves to be. -JBHarris

Bob Woodward out here being a whole superhero with these tapes, the POS POTUS looks more and more like the boss John Gotti killed, Lou Brock is dead, three teachers have died of COVID-19, people still wanna not wear masks, folk are booing the NFL players, and its 9/11. And Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle are doing their VERZUZ on Sunday! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Let’s get it!

#9/11 #WeRemember #PunchANazi #TisTheSeason #DontBeARacist #19Years #3300People #TerrorismIsntJustForeign.

Nineteen years ago 3300 people died and we prayed for an entire city. Now, almost 2 decades later the man that was revered during this time as Mayor of NYC is a laughing stock. It seems like a dream we cannot wake up from! The same people whom may/do scream in their loudest voices for us to “Never Forget” think saying “Black Lives Matter” is an egregious affront to social sensibilities. It is a paradox to be in this nation. It truly is! I can truly see why James Baldwin left. And before ANY of you try it about telling ME to leave? I’m not leaving anywhere my ancestors built for free! Plus, by you saying that you agree with the concept of immigration—conditions are so unappealing/unsafe in one area you decide to go elsewhere…or it is suggested you go elsewhere. #AllBuildingsMatter

#ThePandemicHustle #Vaccines #VaccinesForWho #Nall #WatchBothHands #MakeItPlain #DontBeFooled #FaithAndScience #DoNotSanitizeYourCommonSense

I do not listen to Big Orange Donnie.

I will never listen to a dude that walks like a how a limp erection is.

I will never listen to a man who thinks because he is White it is license to deny swaths of people rights, humanity and life!

I will never listen to a man who is hiding the fact he has had multiple strokes.


I’m not shocked that the talk of a vaccine is circulating. I’m not shocked the Big Orange Di-k was caught on tape lying about everything we all knew he knew! I’m no longer moved by his bullshit—and neither should you be! This is what liars do: LIE.

As far as this vaccine, I’ll let it be out awhile and let the MAGA cult take it first. Since they believe more in Orange Thanos than the real God, let them handle being Guinea pigs, or sacrificial lambs. I’m sure their deaths will be of great spoil and amusement to their dear (naked) Emperor.

#LovecraftCountry #HBO #WatchThis #BlackWritersMatter #ReadTheBookFirst #JurneeSmollett #ItsDeeperThanABook #ItsSoGood

I don’t really bandwagon shoes or movies. I’m in the space where if a show moves me it must be written well. Lovecraft Country?! It checks all the boxes, Honey! All OF THEM! It is…man! From the snippets I have seen, and conversations I have overheard? It is something that as a Black person I cannot ignore! This is not about to be a fad. This is not about to be a trend—THIS HERE?! Oh my. I’m binging this weekend to be caught up and participate in the FB family meetings on Sundays!

There is still joy in the world, my Torches. Find the light. You got this.

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