The Peace…In The Pandemic?

As of this posting, the nation is in the midst of a housing crisis like never before because of inept leadership at the federal level. Evictions are about to ramp up again for those that are trying only to survive, take care of their children, and themselves. We understand the struggle, and hope this offers hope. -JBHarris

We are in month 9 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Month 9. But yet. in the middle of all of this, there are people that I know whom are taking this time to re-evaluate careers, go back to school, start a new career or start a business!

There is only so much sorrow that one can handle, but from that sorrow, this month we have decided to focus on what is positive in the midst of this pandemic! I know, I know! It doesn’t seem that anything about a global pandemic can be positive! I mean, there are people who’s relationships which were already rocky, totally collapsed under the weight of this pandemic and being together with no other outlet! There are people waiting for checks that clearly are never coming.

But, for me? The best thing that came out of this for me was reconnecting with my children. I have gotten to rest! I have gotten to know these righteous little people that came from my body all over again. I have learned the necessary things my youngest needs in order to read and be comfortable in a classroom. I also found out that my oldest had serious math anxiety! Had I not been home with her (while waiting for my new job to start), I would have never noticed! I would have never been able to get her resources and help.

On the creative side? I have never been happier for the large swaths of time to write. For the past 2 years, I have beeseeched God for time to really write. To like really sit down and write–for days at a time! From me embracing my own creativity, I have allowed my children to do the same thing!

I found out that my youngest likes all things to do with crafting, fashion and beauty. So, I have a junior crafter in my midst.

I found out that my oldest is snarky, quick-witted, and a bomb artist, and she is a dedicated to the MCU–and Tom Holland. And Barry Allen and Iris (FLASH on the CW reference).

I have found out that the kids that I have–are amazing, despite the upheaval that their life is in right now.

This pandemic for me and mine and been a reset. A needed, hard reset! It has forced me to think about what is really important, what was never important, and the people I have no problem never seeing again. This has given a chance to reconnect with them…like they have needed. The pandemic has given them their Mom back–and I am happy to be back with them.

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