Here’s To September!

We are about to enter month 9 of this global pandemic. It has become so easy to focus on what is negative, heartbreaking, crazy and dramatic. It is easy to focus on what is hopeless…for this month? We are focusing on the good things this pandemic has provided for us. The opportunities that have presented themselves during this pandemic. The peace that may have been gotten, the extra sleep, the new businesses or books to be written! This month, we are going to rejoice in what we have gotten, not what we have loss. There has been so much loss, Torches. So much death. So much sadness! So much despair! These 30 days? We are going to celebrate! We are going to smile! We are going to laugh! And we are going to remember that it takes more strength to celebrate, to hope, than it is to fall into utter despair. So, this month? Come celebrate with us. It’s time, Torches. It’s time.

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