Google is celebrating the author of the Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas–yes, he is Black!), there is talk of Static Shock being a whole movie (utter glee!), the RNC looks like it did PR for the Imperial Guard in Star Wars (it was for all the Siths–who ate that up), today celebrates the 57th anniversary of the March On Washington–hope in the face of Jacob Blake being almost murdered and Kenosha on the verge of becoming another Tulsa. Whew! Hoping is hard this week, Torches. But we will hope any way.

Let’s get it!

#SuperheroStaticShock #ComicsMatter #RepresentationMatters #BlackComicBookArtistsMatter #BlackArtMatter #CreativityMatters #WhoIsNext

I am hype for this! I am excited for this! I remember this being my favorite cartoon–despite being 19! And 20 years later, I am remembering Virgil, his sister, Richie and Ebon. Man! I need ya’ll to know how deep this goes for me. For those of you who don’t know, my favorite cousin is an artist. He still draws to this day, and owns a comic/gaming shop out side of Boston, MA (shameless plug: Patronize Legends Of Comix & Games!). It is from him that I have a healthy love and respect for artists, a soft spot for comic books–especially indie comics.

I know that everyone is still hype about The Batman, still in love with all things MCU, but for every Anthony Edward Stark who is endeared to all of us, there is a Virgil Hawkins (man, look–his backstory is so well-written!). This movie? I need this movie–and I need it to do well. And I look forward to production! I also need the 4 seasons of this cartoon available somewhere! If the first and only season of Dracula On NBC on Amazon, why can’t I find this? I’m just saying…

#JacobBlake #FTP #ThisIsWhyWeFight #NoJusticeNoPeace #PushForJustice #JusticeForJacob #SevenShots #PoliceAreAGang #WhereAreTheGoodCopsNow

The police are a wholeass gang. I am done explaining why I feel like this! I am done asking where the ‘good’ police are. I am done asking how this happened, but I am never going stop asking why this happens! I am done. A police officer shot Jacob Blake in the back SEVEN TIMES as he was running away–after breaking up a fight.

That’s a clip, fam. The officer emptied a clip into someone that was running away! Yet, he is not dead–despite this officer’s best efforts powered by white supremacy. What we need to acknowledge is that there are many an officer that believes to be Black is to be criminal. Being criminal is to be violent. To be violent means to be dealt with violently. Ergo, Black people are always to be dealt with violently.

As of this posting, Jacob Blake is a *paraplegic and handcuffed to a hospital bed. Rage isn’t even the word.

*-I am believing God that he will not be, is not going to be, a paraplegic! He has children that he has to care for. And I hope the lawsuit breaks the police department. BREAKS. IT. From the police chief to the people that sweep the floor.

#Kenosha #Wisconsin #WhenDoesItStop #WhereIsTheBottom #FightThePower #PutHimUnderTheJail #StopExcusingIncels #HeIsAnIncel #WTH #WTF #DoNotPassGo #SendHimWhereHeNeedToGoASAP #HeIsNotAHashTagOnPurpose

Kyle Wittenhouse is a weaponized incel.

If Tamir Rice can be murdered as if the officer was in a GTA game, and be considered the ‘scary Black male’, then this little bastard is one too. No, I will not be linking the video to his murdering 2 people. We don’t do that over here–at all. He killed two people and ran to a police line. This incident–plot twist!–happened in front of the same police line!

Moreover, he was driven to Kenosha and allowed to leave the state AFTER killing two people. Ya’ll already know if he was Black, none of this would occur. Leave the state? Run to a police line? Go home? All of these things scream white privilege! All this happened the same week Keonsha police tried to kill Jacob Blake! And you still have people defending the police, and praising Kyle! Who had an AR-15–the same type of gun that was used by Adam Lanza to kill 26 children in a Newton, CT elementary school! Bruh! You cannot make this up! But let me say this…

There is s complete disconnect and deafening cognitive dissonance to the people that support the farce that is the Blue Lives Matter/Back The Blue movement! I can’t stop being Black. You can choose to be a police officer. Point blank. If you decide to participate/complete the training to be a police officer, you need to understand two things:

1.) It is inherently dangerous. The job is not in Mayberry, and Andy Griffith is not your boss.

2.) Read item #1.

What the ‘Blue’ Lives Matter movement wants is the ability to operate as an unchecked arm of law enforcement. I know here in Missouri there is a faction of these idiots that taught this scripture in Matthew 5:9 as a banner:

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God

Plot twist: What the police are doing, what they are caught doing, is not peacemaking. It is murder, sanctioned by the state. Let me pull the thread of this ‘peacemaking’ more and tie Kyle–this Sloth-Slingblade hybrid–up in its garrote. The current permutation of policing as we know it comes from Slave patrols. From that basis, we add the Reconstruction-Emancipation era to this roux–this idea of controlling (ie policing) Black people. From here, we have the Klan. That hatred and need to control living beings whom were once considered little more than livestock fueled and infiltrated all aspects of law enforcement.

For someone indoctrinated to believe that the police are a notch below the angelic host?

To be shown and told that the police are beyond reproach?

To be taught that ‘protest’ to protest against the state, the nation that grants all rights and freedoms unincumbered to (White) people?

It is their ‘duty’ to fight those forces! Not for any other reason than for the retaining of power, or the access to it. This MAN with the AR-15 who was driven to Kenosha, WI for the purpose of killing people (Why else go?! Why else have an AR-15!) whom he was taught were a danger to the nation he was told would always work for him…made or him. So, we will see how deep such patriotism goes. Pray for the prosecutors…he never needs to be free again. If Tamir can’t attend college–as he would have been 18 this year–then he shouldn’t either.

For last looks for this month of activism and to say good-bye to August, let me leave you with this-

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