Talk About It Tuesday-08/25/2020

Anon, these are my sentiments exactly! If I didn’t speak on this topic, I’d be dead wrong because this is something I struggle with all of the time!

I feel as though ever since high school (for me) I’ve struggled with actually keeping an interest in others, and I feel like that’s a lot of other people’s realities too. But so many are fearful to actually speak on it in fear of seeming rude–or like an asshole–but it’s a very real feeling. I know you didn’t necessarily ask for advice on this Anon, it actually sounds like you are comfortable in the fact that that is just who you are and how you feel. But I promise, it’s no way to be! I feel as though you should combat this, and
start to combat it by identifying where this feeling may be coming from.

Take me for example. I feel how I do because I’ve school-hopped all my life. Thus never really making friendships that would last, so I felt as though investing in people, and what they got going on is pointless–as everyone is temporary! But, this isn’t true! Anon, people aren’t temporary in our lives, others’ emotions and lives are very real, and we need to honor that.

Furthermore Anon, maybe you don’t have a reason that these feelings could be resonating from. Maybe this is just how you feel–which is fine in some regards because you don’t have to be invested in what everyone has going on. But, I genuinely believe that if you give some people a chance and actually get to know them in depth? You’ll realize that you actually do like being someone that people come to, talk to, or even might be invested in the uniqueness of someone else.

Overall Anon, you’re not alone in this feeling. You don’t have to be into
every last detail of people’s lives, but it really will do you some good to get to know people, be there for people more than you typically are.

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