For The ‘Us’ To Follow

We say his name #JacobBlake. We are pulling for you, Jake. -JBHarris

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There is a reason why the world has to change, Torches.

It cannot stay this way–it cannot stay the way that is, dear ones. It cannot stay the way that it is! There is too much wrong with the world as it is to even dream of leaving it as it is.

We fight for you.

For clean water. For affordable education. To break up the school to prison pipeline. For the right to play in public. For the right to listen to loud music in a car. To walk on a sidewalk. To just BE.

We fight for you. We will never not, will never stop, fighting for you.

I know the world seems dark right now, but we are determined to light the way for you. We are determined to write you where you need to be. We who are alive and remain are determined that we leave the world better than how it was given to us.

We advocate for you. We speak for you. We protect you. We believe in you.

We are your teachers. Favorite bloggers. Celebrities that you see raise the questions defunding the police, about police brutality, and why we have to fight to be Black in public spaces! We fight to make the world stop spitting on the people whom need the most help! We fight so you don’t have fight as hard.

Keep your head up, mini Torches. We got you. It’s not going to be easy, and we won’t ever say that it is! But, there is nothing about change that is easy–but that is what we do. If you set a fire, you have to be able to handle the heat too.

We are Firestarters. We are built for this.

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