We Say Her Name (Part 3) : Breonna Taylor: We Will Not Be Silent

#BreonnaTaylor is more than a hashtag. Protect Black women. Why is this hard?

We say her name.

We keep saying her name.

We will keep saying her name!

Let me add this hashtag to the conversation #BreonnaCouldHaveBeenMe.

I have no idea why this is so hard to convict murders in uniform. I have no idea why this is so unorthodox to ask for justice for a woman that did nothing wrong? Why is it so hard for the people whom are in power, to exercise that power to do all that power grants to do justice? To do write? Why is the BLACK ATTORNEY GENERAL more concerned about his engagement photo shoot than to do what his job demands!

Daniel Cameron, we need you to do your job! These monsters came in and killed her and they left. And they left her, Daniel! They left her to die in the arms of the man she loved! As a man, a Black man, in Kentucky of all places–the place Toni Morrison placed Sweet Home!–you languish in your tasks. You forget that your mother is Black, that any children you have will be Black! You forget that Breonna could have been your sister, your cousin, or your cohort in law school!

Why is this okay? Why is all of Kentucky silent? Why the world screaming for Breonna, but these folk refuse to do anything! Is the death of Black people, of Black women, so common that it doesn’t matter who kills her–and it doesn’t matter that she is dead?

Breonna Taylor is not a patron sainted mammie.

Breonna Taylor is more than a mantra.

Breonna Taylor is more than a catchy memes.

Breonna Taylor, like Sandra Bland and the litany of woman that have come and been murdered at the hands of evil men in uniform. This cannot stand! This cannot be something we ignore, and allow to settle! Louisville PD broke into the home of a first responder, thinking she was someone else, and killed her–this cannot be spun or ignored! Police cannot break into your house and kill you because they think that they are in the right house! You cannot have a job that dictates, demands that you protect and serve all those in your jurisdiction, how do you reconcile murder and duty–unless murder is your duty.

Police reform is overdue.

Arrest the murders that killed Broeonna Taylor.

Maybe if they pretend she was a white women then would do their job with lusty haste.

Late note: August 24, 2020 the Kentucky AG is speaking at the RNC. You cannot make life up.

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