Nike made a new video honoring Kobe Bryant, Steve Bannon got arrested, Rose McGowan out here tripping about Alyssa Milano about Charmed, people still trippin about ‘how Black’ Senator Kamala Harris is, and now Megan The Stallion is…a snitch? What part of the game is this?

Let’s get it!

#BlackMamba #Memory #KobeBryant #Nike #InMemorium #GirlDad #Mambacita #StillHurts #GriefInManyForms #Legacy #NBAAintTheSame

I am still sad over the death of Kobe Bryant. That feels like the ugliest sentence my mouth can taste! With that said, seeing Nike make this memorial for him–with his words? It is–bittersweet. I almost cried while watching this 3 minute memorial. Fam, this still doesn’t feel real. At all! I can only imagine what Vanessa Bryant is going through! I haven’t be able to look at an NBA game since sports have opened up again. It doesn’t feel the same.

It doesn’t feel the same.

#ProtectBlackWomen #SenatorHarris #VPHarris #DivineNine #AKAs #HBCUs #SupportBlackWomen #BlackWomenMatter #ProtectBlackWomen #WeNeedHerToWin

Senator Kamala Harris is a beautiful, accomplished Black women. What we are seeing is indicative of what most ambitious Black women deal with…daily. DAILY. And this secondary bullying about her ‘not being Black,’ as if to be Black in this country is totally based on being the descendant of victims of chattel slavery, is asinine. Completely asinine! Black women are consistently given these weights of impossibility, and are shocked when we succeed ANYWAY! The best of the field of VPs Biden could have picked from was Senator Harris, Stacey Abrams, and Elizabeth Warren!

Let’s start there!

Furthermore, you have to understand that to be a Black woman in this country is to be aware that to succeed means you are a target. You will be pitted against other successful Black women, and sized up! You will be ridiculed and ripped apart and seen as a threat to an establishment! Any establishment! If Biden had picked Stacey Abrams or Oprah or ME, someone would have had a problem with it! It is tiring! Is Biden the best? No. But, we can’t have 4 more years of what we have had.

#MeganTheStallion #IPV #DomesticViolence #ProtectBlackWomen #StopTryingToJustifyThis #MeganMatters #ThisIsEnough #CanWeDoBetter

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete is a victim of violence. Stop calling her a snitch because she confirmed Torey Lanez SHOT her! Do you know how ridiculous you sound saying this?! This boy shot her–because he felt some type of way. Megan herself said on IG that he did it! How is she a snitch because she told what happened to her from a man that she was dealing with?! Who raised y’all! Megan even said that she didn’t even want to call the police because of what happens to Black men when the police show up!


I don’t even have the time to delve into this because this post wold never, ever end. What I will say is this: Black women are not always lying about abuse. It does not, should not, take a man’s word to verify abuse or abusive situations. Black women are people. And I grow so tired of having to remind the male species of this.

There are strange things, afoot, Torches. #StayWoke.

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