Talk About It Tuesday-08/18/2020

Anon, this is probably exactly why! From your response to just her asking for a little space, seems like that was her nice way of saying you are smothering her, to a point where she rather be anywhere else– even in a pandemic! It may sound a little cut throat anon but I’m telling you, you need to hear it now just like this or you’ll never quite get it. Those in a relationship love to be around each other most times because that’s
your person, your confidant and some days maybe the only person that brings you joy but they can’t be that 24/7. People have to have their own lives outside of relationships.

Your girl probably just wants to live her life outside of being up under you, and you don’t have to take it as offensive or that she’s up to something sneaky, she just wants to do other things that don’t have to always involve you. Furthermore than that anon maybe you need this space apart too because you clearly need to see that it’s more than y’all relationship for you to indulge in! Your girlfriend may be all that and then some for you, and your happy place but find some other hobbies why shes out with friends enjoying herself this semester , or hangout with some of your
friends too.

Either way Anon, space is necessary for any relationship to thrive and last!
Alos, it doesn’t always mean your partner is cheating…even in a damn pandemic!


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