White Savior 2020-Part I

Admin note: Being Black in corporate settings has its own set of challenges. For this particular space and time, let our Rebecca Quarles remind you that your Blackness is not a threat to the establishment, and cannot be erased by or for the intimidation of White folk whom cannot handle it. Give it to them anyway. Educate yourself about the White Savior Complex. Dismantling this thinking is a form of activism -JBHarris

In times such as this, there have been some amazing uprisings. From the Black and Brown communities that have come together in support to the injustices that we have faced at the hands of White Americans. Now, you have some that are true allies, and then you have some who are wolves in sheep’s clothing! This is something that I have faced in the last month, even as recent as this week.​

Today, I experienced something that I hadn’t seen to this extent. Here is the run down:  

I am at work, and we are having a meeting. The meeting was with members of leadership to have an open discussion about the horrendous murder/execution of George Floyd. We were supposed to be discussing how that impacted the Black community. In this meeting, I’m looking at my company issued laptop and thinking: “Why are 15 White people talking to me about how they feel about issues in the Black and Brown community?”

From there, the President decided to speak about how he couldn’t sleep at night’ and how he hadn’t gotten rest in weeks in regard to this murder. When asked if anyone wanted to speak out, I was the first to raise my hand and the conversation goes as such: 

“Adam? I can tell why you have not gotten any sleep at night. You are complicit. The lies you have been taught as a child; the lies you told yourself; the lies you have told others, and the lies you have allowed yourself to believe. The lies you have seen on TV, the mistreatment you have witnessed, the complicit actions of coworkers, friends, family, and strangers as it pertains to the Black and Brown community. There is something inside your spirit that has been awakened that you tried to deny and suppress for some many years and that’s why you can’t get any sleep at night. You have been complicit. Since I know for sure this is the case, that makes you just as complicit and nothing better than the three officers who stood by and watch his fellow officers murder a Black man in front of the world.

I went on to talk about the timeline from slavery to now. How our ancestors were stolen from their land, made to work for their white ancestors. Then when slavery was “over”, imagine being told that you we weren’t good enough to eat with their white kids, go to schools white children, or shop from their stores (For those who haven’t caught the concept, I say “we” because we are our ancestors).

“You wanted us separate, so we built our own schools, car dealerships, banks, pharmacies, churches, clothing stores and beauty salons. Then, you realize that without you, we are doing better and stronger. But you can’t without our money! So, you burn down Black Wall Street. Killing over 800 African/Black Americans and leaving thousands in homelessness. If that wasn’t enough, you come through and drop crack and guns in our neighborhoods! Your still killing our men and raping our women, stripping the men from our homes and now you have the caucasity to tell us, ‘Stop complaining! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!’ “

Oh yeah! I went there. 

As I sat on that meeting, I watched every white man, except for one, turn their cameras off and mute their mics. I’m sure they were upset, and having side conversations trying to figure out how they can make me be quiet. They had these separate pod meetings, scheduling them with all the staff members in this Massa gone save you vibe. Some of these allies are lying acting as if you are an ally and we didn’t ASK or it! Black people never needed your White hands to save someone.

See? That’s what wrong with this thinking White people.

Since the beginning of time, White ancestors have some and had this damn hero complex! Didn’t nobody ask fo yo damn help! All of these civilizations were fine, until you decided that you had to be the ‘hero’. You want to be the hero, so be it! In the piece that ends this month, watch what happens when the White savior sends his Stephen from D’Jango ass-step-and-fetch-it-ass, ham-boning ass…just wait!

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