Orange Foolius out here stealing the mailboxes, the second stimulus check ain’t nowhere to be found and rent is due in like 2 1/2 weeks, kids going back to school with cold and flu season on the horizon, and Hoteps and Pick-Me’s are BIG BODY SURBURBAN MAD at Kamala Harris! Whew! Here we go!

Let’s get it!

#KamalaHarris #AmbitiousWomen #AmbitiousWomenAreDangerous #AKAs #TheDivineNine #HBCUs #SupportBlackWomen #BackBlackWomen #GetThisTogether #Vote #BidenHarris2020

Kamala Harris is Black.

Stop it. Stop it now.

With that cleared up, let me say this. Ambitious women always frighten weak men. Ambitious women will always pose a problem to a world who desires to neither see nor hear them! Kamala Harris–Senator Kamala Harris–is not perfect. Yet, she is one of the best and brightest former Vice President Biden could have picked!

I believe that Biden picked her because he knew what would be demanded of a Vice President in this age! Why is that so hard to accept? Why is it so outlandish that a Black woman can be smart and capable–being able to lead? I won’t lie to you, when I found out about her nomination–and her accepting of it!–I praised God. Why? Visibility!

And she is an HBCU grad? And a member of the Divine Nine? And he making Hoteps, Pick-Mes and racist White folk mad–and slick getting them fired because they think their mouths are slicker than few grease? You love to see it! YOU LOVE TO SEE IT! As one who is woman, Black, pretty and ambitious, I love this. I completely love this!

We can debate how ‘perfect’ she needs to be later! Right now, we are in a war! We can fight again in 2024, but we gotta get there first.

#USPS #StealingTheMail #StealingtheVotes #RememberJohnLewis #NothingStopsTheMail #MailMatters #WhatAMinuteMisterPostman #HowDoesOneStealMailboxes #StopOrangeThanos #ThanosForTheSnap2020



If I wasn’t alive to see this, I would swear it was a book. President Obama said that Orange Thanos is trying to ‘kneecap’ the Post Office. That is because he is! This man does not know how to govern or manage without taking–so it is completely in the realm of possibility that he thinks taking the mail in option will keep him president!


Nevermind the fact there are people who still get checks in the mail and medications! But you know, MAGA folk don’t do facts–and they believe Jesus is White and English-speaking. But, remember this: mail tampering is a federal crime. Issa felony. We finna see how this is about to work.

And postal workers are in a union? Okay. Play with Orange Chin Grooves.

#VacationsForWho #TheyKnowWhatTheyDoing #MitchMcConnellForHell2020 #MitchAWholeCrook #MoscowMitch #StimulusForWho #TheyWashTheBloodOffTheMoney #BeSafe

Called it! I knew it!

The rest of the functioning world is giving monthly stipends to take care of their citizens. Meanwhile, here in the ghetto known as America, our legislature whom has the collective average age is RETIREMENT AGE, is on a vacation.

Still after Labor Day.

After giving only one stipend. In March. When is Labor Day this year?

September 7, 2020.

Rent is due on the first of every month. Most landlords send ‘the notice’ when your rent is late after the fifth of every month. And depending on how petty your landlord is, an how behind you are, an eviction is expedient! I mean, EXPEDIENT!

So the fact that B-tch McConnnell is on vacation, because they need a break? With rent due in 2 weeks? In a global pandemic, with most people still struggling to be and stay employed who need help? Man, look. In the climate where people are FIGHTING employees trying to enforce mask wearing? This is an Orwellian novel set in Narnia! Too many things are happening! And the are incongruent!

I love MAGA folk that try and shame people who don’t believe in the Hell Santa that is Orange Thanos as it relates to getting this stimulus money. At this point, it is part of the 400 years of back pay. And I mean that. The fact that these old turtle shell-humback-myopic mother—–s can go on vacation with the world burning around them? Ironically (not), Kentucky where this B-tch is from having the roughest time–with this seat up this November? Imma need the people of Kentucky to realize this bastard and his homely waxwork doll wife, don’t give a damn about anyone. The killer part? When he had polio(!) as a kid, he was treated at a clinic in Georgia founded my President Franklin Roosevelt, run by the March of Dimes.

You cannot make this up. I guess Cthulhu is coming next, because…2020.

This week my Torches LeBron James is trying to get Dodger Stadium to be a voting site! Michael Jordan could never! Yet, I need you all to remember to register to vote. Feel how you want about who Biden chose, but register to vote! Make sure your ID is current. Make sure you name is correct on your Voter Registration Card! Make sure your voting site is accessible, and you can get to it! If you are able, vote in person! This is about to be a whole fight, Torches. Suit up!

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