Talk About It Tuesday-08/11/2020

Anon, I think we’ve all had that relationship that’s a struggle to get over. You never know quite how to move on, or even how you’ll go on without this person you were in love with, and let me tell you, sometimes that definitely comes with feelings of anger, but it is so much bigger than a senseless act. I know it can be like a big ole slap in the damn face when you see your ex roaming around with someone else, especially in your case where the idea of just having some time apart might help. Let’s face it you were looking forward to the time apart being up and you two being able to work whatever y’all had going on, out but since that isn’t going to be the case you’re gonna have to really keep your chin up, and keep it pushing. 

Everything always is easier said than done so the best piece of advice I can truly give to you is that you have to completely cut him off. You have to delete him from socials, block him even if he has public accounts and you know you’ll find yourself checking in on him every now and again. What I’ve learned from doing all that is that it makes it very “out of sight, out of mind” for you. When you can’t even see him pop up on your timelines or bother to go and check his pages the feelings will fade much quicker, and you’ll have more time to get back to you, and everything that you got going on. You really have to release yourself from him in every way, and focus your attention elsewhere. Since a couple months have passed since y’all have even been in contact it’s truly going to be much easier to social media detox from him, and while you’re at it delete the pictures and text threads! Remember anon, out of sight, out of mind! 


One thought on “Talk About It Tuesday-08/11/2020

  1. I agree with the deletes on social…it’s very difficult to make that decision, but it feels so much better! I wound up deleting several messages on the same site, so that I could not see the ex’s comments, as well as the comments of everyone else who had messaged me. Every day is easier, but it’s the first days that are the worst days – that’s for sure!


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