Frying Pans, Fires & Firestarters

The definition of a Firestarter is one that brings light, heat and smoke. Yes, you read that right. One of the reasons this platform exists is to be force for good–the light. To call attention, and not care what people think–the heat. And be ready to defend what you believe in–the smoke.

This definition is special to me because it was created by the staff–all Black women–of The Ideal Firestarter. It is with them, because of them, this space is where it is–and what it is. There is a rhythm in this space, this space you share with us right now, has a rhythm–an energy. You are a Firestarter!

You are a catalyst, a change agent, and capable of changing the entire damn world! I want you to remember this space–in this place!–you are charged to change the world. You are charged to not just look at the world around you, but to see it! I want you to no longer look at the world around you and throw your hands up! NO! You, you my dear Torch–summoner of fire, wielder of light, and one whom can speak to the smoke, you are a world changer. You are able to change all that you desire! Your words provoke works with will change the world–at a word! I want you to see the world you desire while working and living in the world you are in.

I want you to remember that the act of living is revolutionary! The act of surviving is a testimony! All you will do in this life will leave a legacy, whether you believe it or not! You have all within you to help to change the world–just like Tupac said you could. Like he said that we all could! Don’t be afraid of the fight we face–be afraid of not fighting at all! Ease and complacency are the enemies of progress. Indifference is the lifeblood of neglect of any social progress. The fight is literally at our doorsteps now, Torhes! In our homes! On the lips of our children! Change has come, change is now, and there is no more time to waste.

Find a cause, get involved–DO SOMETHING! The revolution isn’t being televised–it has a live stream, with hashtags.

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