Talk About It Tuesday-08/04/2020

Admin note: This is an 1808 (NSFW). -JBHarris

Oh boy, oh boy is this a one that too many are scared to touch on! But I, in fact, think situations like this need to be talked about more.

I feel as though we think of a lack of sex or intimacy as something that happens in later years of relationships and marriages. But honestly it’s so common! I feel as though there may be some underlying factors to why this could be happening, Anon.

Is your girl going through family turmoil, dealing with some sort of mental strains that’s just making her not in the mood these days?

Sometimes our partners are experiencing a lot and we may not be aware it is taking such a big toll on them. For this reason, it may be hard for them to find that desire among all the other inner thoughts they deal with on a day-to-day basis! Sometimes we sit in a selfish bubble where our vision is a bit blurred to what others are going through. So make sure you are checking in with her, and not missing things first. 

NOW, on the other hand I’m a firm believer in, “I’m choosing me at the end of the day.” I truly advise others to follow in that saying, and this situation may be where you need to apply it!

If there’s really no underlying reasons as to why your partner could be uninterested in sex right now, and you’ve expressed your stance and she’s still bypassing that? Choose you. Choose to no longer stay in a situation that no longer serves you–go elsewhere! Besides, you shouldn’t break her heart in the midst of all of this. If you would rather cheat than leave, just leave and save face.

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