To The World Outside Your Window: Love Is The Why

Community is build on love. Sustained by love and compassion. This month, the seventh month of 2020–the 4th or 5th of the lockdown-pandemic–this is more apparent than it ever was! With everyone so focused on how to get over, how to get more, and how to stay inside love is the last thing one people’s minds! Yet, it is still needed. Love is still necessary to build or sustain anything. Love in its truest, rawest form is a catalyst and a power source.

We know this African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, love is that source–the reason–that binds a village together. It gives a village (a community) a focus. Love give strength and hope! It provides purpose and direction. In times of crisis, it is this strength the community as a whole can draw from. It is a well. From that well, it becomes a fountain. It is from that fountain that all that need help, guidance or direction get all they need to proceed, grow and conquer! It is this strength that makes communities thrive, grow and keep traditions alive!

Love is the reason behind all that we do and will do.

Love helps. It never shames. Love strengthens–it never diminishes. Love makes space–it never pushes out. Love gathers–it’s never greedy or self-serving.

Love is too big to be self-serving.

Love is to powerful to be used as a source of manipulation. Love is why we do–should do–anything. Love builds community. Love imparts wisdom to share and start traditions, even to preserve them. Love is deeper than time–and even stretches time out in front of all of us. Love is what is missing, and in order to thrive and survive in the time of COVID-19, we have to find that love again–otherwise all is lost. The world is too dark not to have light–we cannot have the village (a community) burn just for one person to feel its warmth! How do we put the love back? Service and helping without motive. Every act of service, every ounce of help without complaint, buts that love back. One drop at a time. Let us start putting the love back.

That love is a light too.

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