This weeks marks Robin Williams’s 69th birthday, Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still free, Congressman and Superhero John Lewis laid in state in the Capitol Rotunda, the Secret Police are snatching people in Portland and invading Chicago, Kanye is basically a Black Olaf in’front a forest fire, Evelyn think somebody care Chad whupped up on her, and no on wants to wear masks to Wal-Mart! Put the mask on Kevin and Karen! Damn! And Russell and Ciara had WINNER HARRISON WILSON!

Let’s get it!

#SomethingIsAmiss #LookAgain #ItsBeyondDonda #ThisWouldKillHerIfSheWasntDead #WhereHisFriendsNow #MentalHealthMatters #BlackMenMatter #YouOkayYe

I told y’all the last time Donda’s son ‘had a moment’, I wasn’t going to give him anymore shine. I wasn’t going to talk about his stunt queen antics anymore, I wasn’t going to go in on him anymore, and I was totally prepared to go on with my life and not mention this boy again! I ignored him ‘running for President’ on purpose. I stayed away from throwing my quarter-worth of commentary in it–on purpose! But there was something about this rally–wherever he was–that disturbed me. Something is H2G (Honest to God) wrong with him! When I saw him cry? I knew. The fact that Dave Chappelle jumped on a plane to where he was at? That solidified it. This is deeper than grief. Deeper than marital problems aired out on social media! This is deeper than mental illness. I don’t know it if it is a culmination of everything he has gone through (public and private) melding into the public maelstrom, or the child has just given up trying to hold it together for cameras and other folk–but Olivia Pope or Benson can’t fix this one.

#GoodTrouble #CongressmanLewis #RevCTVivian #CivilRightsMovement #KnowYourHistory #Ancestry #StoryAndLegacy #WeStillGottaFight #EqualRightsAndEqualLefts

I cannot believe the passing of Rev. CT Vivian and Congressman John Lewis. Someone please go check on Auntie Maxine! My heart can’t take if she leave us right before we ALL push Humpty Dumpty off this wall he built around the White House. I admit it–I can’t watch his ceremony, I may watch it’s procession through Alabama when broadcasted, but this death hit different. It felt like my father dying all over again–I couldn’t handle that this week, Torches! Life is too crazy for Muva Firestarter to break right now. But the one thing that I take from his legacy, from his time of service, from his dedication to change, to keep causing a racocous! Keep being the loud one in the room. Keep shining lights on what is wrong! Keep getting into ‘good trouble.’ From the passing of Rev. C.T. Vivian, I learned the faith is substance of things not seen, evidence of things hoped for, while being the secret weapon to take down every giant! In the planting of these pillars, now ancestors, I am reminded to keep going. And I smile realizing that we–the new ancestors–are the dream of King and Baldwin: WE ARE THE FIRE NEXT TIME!

#SecretPolice #NaziIsht #YallSeeThis #WhereTheKidnappedFolkAt #WhiteSaviorNarrative #FlagOnThePlay #NallBruh #IssaNewDayAndYallOnThisOleBS

We are in a war, y’all, make no mistake! We are not here for people who aint trying to serve, ally or be an accomplice to freedom! We are not here for the people who want to idolize the fact it was white folk being tear gassed and a wall of white suburban moms guarding protestors! That’s admirable–but better than 50% of White women voted for this idiot! While I applaud y’all comin on board, but this is just an A for Effort! This is just a step with a marathon to go. The goal is still to defund the police; bring attention to police brutality and its effects on Black people; police accountability; application of the right to due process under the law! How is this still hard?! The fact the mayor of Portland, Oregon got tear gassed is the symptom of a greater problem–it is not THEE problem.

That’s all this week, Torches. Let’s get into ‘good trouble’.

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