When They See Us: The Community Needs To Value Women!

In this crazy space we all occupy, it seems that Black women are a galvanizing force and the same fodder trampled for the movement’s success. In the same month where the staff and I are cheering for the health and well-being of communities at large–collective Blackness is waiting for the officers that killed Breonna Taylor (Jonathan Mattingly, Brent Hankinson, Myles Cosgrove–they never need to be anonymous ever again!), the rapper and Hot Girl Shero Megan Thee Stallion gets shot by Torey Lanez (allegedly)!

While Breonna’s family is grieving, Meg is processing just what all happened to her, here comes the Ashy Ninja Innanet! The fact Curtis Jackson had ANYTHING to say about someone getting shot–when he can remember what it is like to be shot in the face!–is remarkable. But not surprising.

Women have been the glue since it was a woman that discovered fire. Women have been the sanity, safe place and galvanizing force for change! Yet the communities they help build, rarely celebrate and care for them! Why is this?

Ypu really want to know.

Women are not seen to be anything of value. Yes, I said it! The self-proclaimed revolutionary and champion of all things woman–realized that my community takes me for granted! It assumes that a woman will always be there to support everyone else—but when things happen in her life? Who helps her!

I know these are dark times, Torches. But don’t miss this! Don’t miss how 50 Cent thought it was funny to make this meme of Torey Lanez (allegedly) shooting Megan! Don’t miss how the BLACK DA in Louisville–knowing what happened to Breonna–is not making any move to arrest the people that killed her! Do you understand how devastating it is as a Black woman to add your voice, talent and strength for the men that look like your fathers, friends and brothers–only to have nothing of that returned to you?

And the world wonders why Black women are ‘so angry’?

We have a right to be angry. We have a right to admit when we are hurting, when we are tired, and when no longer able to hold up the world! We deserve the same care we put out! We deserve people that stand up for us when we cannot stand up for ourselves! I need the men in our lives to know we need you the the men WE need you to be–not the ones you THINK we should have.

Do you not understand when you empower a woman, you empower a village? Do you not understand when you protect a woman she can become a better warrior? Women are tired of being wounded in wars we didn’t start to be denied healing and refuge because we are seen as able to carry on–without a heart. Or the things that make it beat.

Like women are designed to be caretakers of people, visions and destines–can the communities we build begin to take care of us? And will we let them?

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