We Are Family (Part 1)-Sister Sledge Is Always On Time!

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Family is community!

Community is family!

In this month of celebrating the force of nature that is family, I started to remember how utterly cool family is! I love the fact that I still have my mother–and she is healthy and in her right mind! I am grateful I have a sister that is mechanically inclined, and a brother that is in-tuned with all things sports and wrestling.

In this time of collective grief, rage and anxiety, my dear Torches, remember that family is a blessing. What is the bigger blessing is being able to pick your family in addition to the family you were born into! I love that I have been able to adopt people into my family, and been adopted into more than one. With these extra blessings, I realize that family–the family you pick!–is a part of the community at large!

The family you pick, that you are picked/chosen by, is your community too!

I am blessed to see a big sister to more than my natal little sister. I have been an ally to my adopted queer loved ones. I am an extra cousin, auntie and mother is certain cases! I am blessed to be able to be in a place where I can offer space to those whom I love like family, and enter space of those that consider me family.

In a time where it seems everything seems simultaneously precious and fragile, family is the one community which needs to be fortified! The family you choose needs to be just as important as well! It is crucial in this time that the same ‘work mom’ who remembers everyone’s birthday, needs to be a contact in case of emergency! The group of dudes that you call family, they also need to know what to do when stopped my the police–and be a Designated Driver! And be able to tell you when you are trippin!

Family is one of those things you cannot pick–but one of those things you cannot move through this life without! Even the Bible says, “When my mother and father forsake me, the LORD shall take me up.” This is one of those times where you can see scripture in your life activate before your very eyes!

Don’t discount the power of family, dear ones. You need them more than you may ever know! Just like only get one set of parents, you only get one family—even if you have to make it.

[image from Simon & Schuster .com]

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