I’ll Be Happy When…

There is never a bad time for the wisdom of Octavia E. Butler.

“I used to have a bad habit of putting a condition on my joy.” 

Sis, a word! A statement! I never heard something that resonated so much with me before I came across holistic mami‘s video on Twitter (find her (@LeArielleSimone). Just a few days ago, she posted this amazing and inspiring video where she talked about how conditioned her happiness was, and every bit of it spoke to my soul because that was me as well–for years!

My happiness had to come with “When I move to”, “When I buy”, “When I get this job.” It was never just happiness because I deserved, and owed myself that much. I feel as though that’s the case for so many of us! So many of us rely on waiting for something to happen or coming about for us to be happy with life or ourselves, but we don’t have to rely on that stuff. Happiness isn’t just something that comes around with materialistic things, or new scenery but it is a mindset! It is a feeling, a vibration, within us that we all deserve, especially right now.

I, like so many people, have been on the train of “Once I can travel again”, “Once this pandemic is over”, “Once I get more hours at work again” thinking all of those things will bring back my happiness! I kept putting conditions on my happiness–when I just deserve to have happiness right now! I deserve to be happy with myself and my life no matter what. I believe we all should keep that in mind.

We should bare in mind that it doesn’t always have to be something that will give us happiness. Be happy when you want, be happy because you want to be. Don’t think that you have to have some introspective answer when people ask “What’re you so happy about?” because you don’t have to be happy because something happened.

Joy is your right. Joy isn’t just in the things you acquire, but rather it’s in you!


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