We’re Still All In This Together

With there being no end in sight right now for COVID’s reign over our lives, I can see again people starting to dwindle down the rabbit hole of negativity. I see that a lot of people are forgetting how this pandemic has been eating away at others mentally, and emotionally! I want all you Torches to know that I see you, and I’m right here with you!

I know we’ve heard some of our “allies” spit the same phrases in the wake of Black Lives Matter, but know that this is coming from a place of genuine love, and sincerity. I see how this is taking a toll on you, but it doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have to take a toll and it doesn’t have to feel like such a lonely battle. There’s outlets, and there’s us!

So many times I feel as though writers spend their time trying to reach such a broad audience that their messages get lost, that the dialogue becomes less personal. Now, more than ever, that’s harmful. It’s harmful to just be putting content out with no substance; content without that “feel good” feeling in it; content that lets people know that you, yourself, aren’t just sitting behind computer screens–but actually along in the same fights that you, our Torches, are going through!

Know that we are all right here, showing ourselves bare throughout this trying time because it matters to have a space where everyone doesn’t feel alone.

It matters that parents know that there’s other parents feeling the brunt of being cooped up with their kids day in, and day out.

It matters that college students understand that there’s other students who haven’t been financially compensated or supported throughout this time.

It matters that Black people know that we are just as enraged right now, not just bypassing what’s happening to our brother’s and sisters. It doesn’t help being silent, so express yourself out loud! Scream in frustration if you have to because I’m screaming right along with you!

This world has given almost nothing to hang on to in hope, and our lovely little president is barely steering us in the right direction, but Torches, I’m telling you it matters right now to be present throughout all the mess. It matters because your presence might be what gives someone else the courage to keep going. Togetherness matters, especially in times like this!

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