Firestarter Hotsheet-For The Life Of Breonna Taylor

Admin note: Black women matter. -JBHarris

March 13, 2020 Breonna, an EMT during the COVID-19 pandemic, was murdered in her home. She was murdered by the Louisville Police Department serving a no-knock warrant–on the wrong house. These three officers are still employed, and shot her in her bed. After shooting her, they left her in bed–bleeding, in the arms of her boyfriend–and gave her no aid. They left her, and her boyfriend called 911 to get help for her. In the first days of this shooting, her boyfriend was first blamed for her being shot and murdered.

Here we are… almost 4 months later.

These officers are still working. Still employed. Still armed. Still able to kill people with impunity! Only one of the three officers involved in this officer involved/state sanctioned murder have been disciplined. Meanwhile, we are 120 days (plus or minus) from her being murdered. While we remember George Floyd, and do our part to change the world over the 8:46 second mark–we cannot forget about Breonna.

The world often forgets Black women. Malcolm X said Black women are the worst treated, neglected and disrespected. The ultimate disrespect here, aside from the system that contributed to the taking of her life, is the fact Black women can’t even be in their own houses with threat of dying in them! What peace is that for us?! Answer: none.

I am the mother of daughters. I am a daughter of a Black mother. And the sisters to many Black women. The fact these people broke into her house, with the wrong information, killed Breona, and are still employed is horrifying! The fact that society loves to devour Black women is horrifying! The fact that the Black DA in Louisiville has not made any space to do anything about this!

Is not his mother Black?

His Grandmothers?

Any co-workers?

Justice for Breonna Taylor only begins when it is acknowledged that a crime as been committed! It needs to be acknowledged that the police walked into this woman’s house, killed her (her boyfriend grabbed his gun because people were breaking in his house!), and left her! It must be acknowledged the police did this! The police–the people charged by the state, paid by tax dollars!–killed this woman!

The most outrageous thing aside from the police killing her–another first responder!–and leaving her there, is that the District Attorney hasn’t contributed to this conversation in any meaningful way! As a Black man, it is to be expected (right or wrong) that you say something, defend, guard the women that look like your mother! That is the least you can do!

He cannot even be bothered to do the bare minimum! That is the grossest thing that he could do. If a Black man cannot even defend the women that look like his foremothers; cannot be bothered to be part of the investigation surrounding Breonna; remaining silent during a movement which demands law enforcement be accountable for that actions—up to and especially the use of deadly force.

And he can’t be bothered, right?

But Black women fight erasure, murder and culture vultures on a continuous basis! It would be nice, it would be just, if the people that see us first would give their lives and stations for US…just like we are expected to do for them.

Note: August is dedicated to activism. I will be following Breonna’s case, and adding my voice and platform for justice for her. JBH

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